Electric Scooter Maintenance Tips During Summers

Electric Scooter Maintenance Tips During Summers

Loans by Team Drivio | 30 Apr 2024

One of the biggest advice we would ever give someone is to regularly check the tyre pressures 

  • Be it an overinflated tyre or an underinflated one, both can be quite dangerous to ride with regularly 
  • Something you should also avoid doing is filling up the entire fuel tank
  • One should also keep an eye on fluids in the scooter like the brake fluid as well as engine oil

Summer in India can be brutal, subjecting both you and your electric scooter to relentless heat and humidity. However, with a few mindful practices, you can shield your two-wheeled companion from the scorching onslaught, ensuring its well-being throughout the sweltering season. While having reliable insurance for your electric scooter is a wise move, adopting some basic maintenance habits can go a long way in preserving your scooter’s health and performance during the summer months. 

Failure to do so could result in a host of issues, from frequent breakdowns to increased fuel consumption, putting a damper on your riding experience. Let's delve into these essential guidelines and explore how they can be your scooter’s saving grace in the summer heat.

Maintaining Your Electric Scooter During Summer:

The Indian summer is synonymous with its signature blend of intense heat, stifling humidity, and unrelenting sunshine, making daily commutes a sweaty affair. If your trusty steed is your preferred mode of transport, it's bound to bear the brunt of these harsh conditions. However, fret not, for there are some straightforward tips you can employ to shield your scooter from undue wear and tear. Here's a rundown:

1) Monitor Tyre Pressure and Treads:

Your electric scooter’s tyres are its lifeline, providing traction, stability, and safety during rides. It's imperative to give them the attention they deserve. Opt for high-quality, durable tyres that can withstand the rigours of Indian roads. Keep a keen eye on the tyre treads, as worn-out treads can compromise traction, increasing the risk of accidents. Additionally, maintain the correct tyre pressure to ensure optimal performance. With the summer heat causing tyre rubber to expand, proper pressure maintenance becomes even more critical to prevent mishaps on the road.

People often think that over-inflated tyres can suddenly burst, especially after spending long hours out there riding. But what most people do not know is the fact that even under-inflated tyres can actually burst, even without long periods of riding. So given that that is something you would definitely want to prevent, checking and regulating tyre pressures every now and then is crucial. We would recommend you to check your tyre pressures twice a week, depending on how long your daily commutes are. 

2) Battery Maintenance:

Your electric scooter's battery is its lifeblood, powering the motor and facilitating smooth starts. Regular upkeep of the battery is essential to avoid unexpected breakdowns. Keep an eye out for signs of corrosion, leakage, or buildup, and address any issues promptly. Additionally, if your scooter remains idle for extended periods, ensure to take it for a spin to prevent battery drainage beyond its typical lifespan.

3) Keep It Clean:

Dust and debris can infiltrate your scooter's intricate components, causing damage over time. Regular cleaning is paramount to safeguarding its longevity and performance. Be diligent in cleaning your scooter’s surface weekly, taking care to cover sensitive areas during the process. Parking your scooter in a shaded spot post-cleaning prevents color fading and ensures its aesthetic appeal remains intact.

4) Let Your Scooter Cool Down After Riding

When navigating the scorching summer streets on your scooter, the rising temperatures can certainly take a toll on your ride. Amidst the sweltering heat, you might find yourself in need of a battery boost mid-ride. However, it's crucial to resist the temptation to immediately plug in and charge your scooter upon arrival. Allow your trusty vehicle a grace period of at least 30 minutes to cool down before initiating the charging process. This simple act grants your scooter's battery the opportunity to recalibrate, minimising the risk of potential damage and ensuring a prolonged lifespan. With features like cell balancing, temperature control, and overcharging protection, models such as the BG B8 and A2 effortlessly streamline your scooter maintenance. 

5) Stick to Official Chargers Provided by the Manufacturer

When it comes to powering up your scooter, adhering to the charger provided by the manufacturer is paramount. Opting for third-party alternatives may initially seem like a cost-effective choice, but it could prove detrimental to both performance and longevity in the long run. To safeguard your scooter's optimal functionality and extend its lifespan, rely solely on the charger designated by the official manufacturer.


In summation, the key to preserving your scooter’s well-being during the scorching Indian summer lies in proactive maintenance. By adhering to these simple yet effective guidelines, you can shield your trusty companion from the adverse effects of heat and humidity, ensuring uninterrupted rides and peace of mind. So, equip yourself with these invaluable tips and ride into the summer with confidence and assurance.