How to use a two-wheeler loan for self-employment?

How to use a two-wheeler loan for self-employment?

Loans by Team Drivio | Mar 11, 2023

Owning a two-wheeler brings you a sense of freedom and adventure. How does it feel to navigate through the roads amidst heavy traffic when cars and buses remain stranded? Now that obtaining a two-wheeler loan from a reputed bank or NBFC is easy, how about using your motorcycle for self-employment?

In this article, we are going to give you some valuable self-employment tips involving a two-wheeler. Maybe, you have some of these businesses on your mind. Thanks to the easy availability of loans and flexible repayment periods, you can start these businesses anytime.

Why should you consider using a two-wheeler for business?

The freedom to manoeuver bikes across all sorts of terrains, including narrow paths, and the ease of navigation makes it a convenient mode for running your business. Time matters for any kind of venture you run, and with bikes, you can save time.

Moreover, business financing is easy when you purchase bikes. Easy bike loans are available for self-employed people from banks and NBFCs. You need not financially stress yourself, since low-interest loans are available from these financial institutes. 

Particularly, when you run a one-man business, why block your capital by purchasing a car? Considering lower EMIs, you would be shelling out just a fraction of the cost each month.

5 self-employment ideas using a two-wheeler


Once you obtain a two-wheeler loan and purchase your motorcycle, you can engage yourself in any of the following businesses.

  1. Giving rides to people

How about signing up with one of the app-cab networks like Uber or Rapido? When you own a bike, you can earn money by giving rides to people. Simply check whether these companies have extended their services in your city. You can even sign up with multiple ride-hailing companies simultaneously.

With the demand for these transportation services consistently increasing, you can make a decent amount even after paying off your EMIs. Office-goers, students, and business professionals often count on ride-hailing services for quick transits across the city. With the rates looking competitive and commissions decent, you can engage yourself in these businesses.

Apply for a two-wheeler loan for self-employed at a reputed bank or NBFC to purchase your motorcycle. Even after clearing off your debt in a few years, you can continue giving rides.

  1. Courier service

How about traveling across the city to deliver packages to people? If you love riding, there’s no better way to get paid to ride across the city!

It’s wide to find employment with one of the leading courier service providers in India. These companies are looking for swift means to deliver packages and letters for their clients. With its cost-effectiveness, speed, and ease of navigation, a bike would be the right choice for delivering packages.

Even medical suppliers, pharmacies, and hospitals need delivery persons. Businesses dealing with drugs and medications would need reliable and quick agents. If you are quick enough, you can be a part of the booming industry at decent wages.

  1. Ride instructor for new bikers

If you love interacting with fellow riders and giving them riding lessons, you can start your career simply with your own bike. With self-employment on your mind, purchase a mid-range bike and train people with safety lessons.

New bike owners often look out for instructors to guide them ride safely. In most cities, you need to acquire a certification to work as a bike instructor. After all, it’s your knowledge you are sharing, and that too, without making much investments.

Experienced riders often couple up as an instructor, with the young ones having faith in them. The fact that you own your bike would further help in building this trust.

  1. Sell ice cream

Well, it’s time we look beyond the traditional ice cream carts moving slowly along colonies. If you are interested in the ice cream-selling business, owning your bike can prove beneficial. Modifying the cart, you can attach the engine of the motorcycle to haul it along. You just need a two-wheeler loan to purchase your bike. Remember, a bike would be much faster than a traditional cart. This would potentially empower you to cover a much wider area as you sell the delicious treat around the city. 

The sight of a motorcycle-driven cart would also be something new, with people flocking around to get a glimpse of the innovative thing. What else would you love apart from the crowd reaching out for your stuff?

  1. Food delivery 

Timeliness happens to the USP of popular food delivery companies across the cities. When people feel hunger pangs, they expect deliveries to be on time. With a bike at your disposal to navigate you through the city, you can deliver food packages in a quick time. 

Currently, a number of online food delivery companies operate in India, and their network is gradually expanding. People also love getting the edibles delivered at their homes while they place the order through their handsets. In commercial areas, the demand for online food delivery is also high in offices. So, how about applying for a loan for self-employed and venturing into the food delivery business?

Take Away

 If you are willing to get business financing through loans, purchasing a two-wheeler can open up tons of opportunities. Explore the best motorcycle loans out there in the market. Top banks and NBFCs have come up with these financial privileges at reasonable rates of interest. Apply for a two-wheeler loan and switch to a self-employment career where you would cherish your freedom with profitable rides.