Maintenance Cost Of A Bike In India: Know The Estimated Repair And Service Cost

Maintenance Cost Of A Bike In India: Know The Estimated Repair And Service Cost

Loans by Team Drivio | 24 May 2023

Here’s how much it will cost you to maintain a motorcycle in India

  • Bikes like Ducatis and Aprilias are some of the most expensive ones to maintain in India.
  • Japanese brands like Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha are fairly cheap to maintain. 
  • One should know how to perform basic maintenance like oil changes. 

The secret to keeping your bike in great condition is routine servicing. But with life increasing more and busier every day, it's not always feasible to visit a bike service station every two months. All of this may be resolved by using a bike service app to schedule online bike repairs and maintenance. 

Here Are Two Types Of Services For Bikes

Minor Services 

A minor bike service is a fundamental maintenance procedure that emphasises checking fluid levels. This bike service package has the servicing done right at your front door.

The services covered by minor servicing include the following:

Sr. No. Service Required
1Swapping out the oil and oil filter
2Check the level of the brake fluid and replenish it out if necessary
3Check the brake pads, and if necessary, tell the owner to replace them
4If necessary, adjust the chain by lubricating it
5Verify the motorcycle's tyres' air pressure
6Check its headlights and brake light

Major Services

A major service is more thorough and includes both an engine inspection and component adjustments. The bike will be picked up from the place you choose and transported to an approved service facility as part of this bike service. After doing the necessary maintenance, the mechanic will fix your motorbike and give it back to you.

Along with the services included in minor servicing, the following services are also included in major servicing:

Sr. No.Service Required
1Air filter replacement
2If necessary, replace the clutch's oil filter
3Change the clutch fluid
4Clean the brake callipers by taking them off
5Brake fluid should be changed
6Cables for the throttle and brake are adjusted
7Verify the front and rear suspensions for play and wear
8Check the battery's operation
9Bearings on the wheels need to be examined
10Headstock bearings should be checked
11Examine and correct the valve clearances
12The radiator's coolant needs to be replaced
13Verify that all fasteners are torqued appropriately

Price List For Services

Type Of BikeRegular ServiceRoad-side AssistanceOfficial Showroom Service Cost
100-200ccRs 449Upto Rs 250Upto Rs 600
>200ccRs 549Upto Rs 250 Upto Rs 1,000 
Royal Enfield BikesRs 599Upto Rs 250Upto Rs 1,000 

How Often Is Servicing Required?

For recommended service intervals, it is important to refer to the owner's manual when performing bike maintenance. The motorcycle needs to be maintained on average every 3000 kilometres of travel. The first service should be done after 800 kilometres if your bike or scooter is brand new. The frequency of repairing a motorbike varies depending on the manufacturer, and is detailed in the owner's manual.

The majority of bike manufacturers have a three-month or three thousand kilometre servicing interval. You must have your motorbike serviced every 3000 kilometres, no matter what. Additionally, the metre is reset to zero following each service. In other words, if you service your bike after it travels 2500 kilometres in six months, the next service must be performed within 3000 kilometres or 2-4 months after the last one, whichever comes first.

However, it doesn't mean you should only service your bike when it breaks down and neglect it the rest of the time. Book a bike repair service and have it fixed at your door if you detect anything wrong with the bike, such as weak brakes or a tight clutch. 

Additionally, regardless of how many km have elapsed since your last service, getting your bike inspected before a long trip is always a wise choice to make sure there are no minor issues that could cause issues later on.