Start ABusiness With Two-wheeler Loan: Know Here How?

Start ABusiness With Two-wheeler Loan: Know Here How?

Loans by Team Drivio | Jun 08, 2023

Starting a business like food delivery, pet service, courier, home services, or photography requires a fast mode of transportation. Get a two-wheeler loan to purchase your motorcycle and start a business that appeals to you.

Have you lately been thinking of starting a business that doesn’t require a large capital? Well, with two-wheeler loans easily available from reputed banks and NBFCs, strategic thinking can help you generate ROI quickly!

Regardless of the industry, starting a business requires careful planning. Now, if you think of a business that requires an economic means of transportation, it’s natural to get a two-wheeler loan. Currently, many aspiring entrepreneurs are facing fund constraints to purchase their vehicles for commercial purposes.

Now that you can easily qualify for a two-wheeler loan, fund constraints won’t deter you from getting started with your business. Let’s explore how you can use your motorcycle loan for starting a business.

Understanding two-wheeler loans

Reputed banks and NBFCs offer two-wheeler loans at reasonable interest rates and flexible repayment tenures. Even if you are financially stressed, splitting your payments into easily manageable EMIs would be easy. Along with business financing, obtaining a motorcycle loan can help you get started with your venture. Thus, entrepreneurs who need a reliable transportation mode can benefit from two-wheeler loans.

With digital loan disbursement systems now in place, you may easily qualify for one of these loans. With minimal documentation and fast disbursal, you can get the loan credited to your account quickly. Reputed financial institutions require borrowers to submit their identity proof, income proof, address proof, and bank statements. In case you are eligible for a pre-approved two-wheeler loan, you can get the amount disbursed even faster.

What businesses can you start with a two-wheeler loan?

If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, you will never run out of business ideas once you get your motorcycle loan disbursed. Let’s check out some of the best businesses that you can start after obtaining your two-wheeler loan.

   1.Food delivery services

Planning to apply for a loan for start-up? Engaging in a business like food delivery services can be a grand idea. You won’t need any other loan such as a business loan or personal loan if you decide to deliver food yourself on your motorcycle. Reputed food delivery chains are on the hunt for swift-moving delivery professionals. Enrolling with one of these companies as a delivery partner can be a logical idea.

Alternatively, if you managed to acquire business financing to start your food delivery company, you can also purchase your motorcycles on loan. Next, hire delivery partners to ensure timely services to your customers. Partner with local restaurants, so that you can come up with your own kitchen and offer different food options on your menu.

Get a loan for start-up, so that you can invest in insulated delivery boxes and branding materials. This would boost the visual appeal and professionalism of your service.

   2.Logistics and courier

The courier and logistics sector is booming, and venturing into this business can be lucrative indeed. Use your two-wheeler loan to purchase a scooter or motorcycle. This will help you transport documents and packages on time. 

Get into partnerships with eCommerce platforms, local businesses, and individuals requiring timely delivery services. Once you acquire adequate business financing, invest in navigation tools and secure storage compartments. This will help you further streamline your operations.

   3.Mobile retail business

How about starting a mobile retail business? Using your motorcycle, you can take your merchandise directly to your customers at their convenience. A two-wheeler loan will help you purchase a motorcycle and modify it into a mobile store.

Explore markets like second-hand clothing, electronics, accessories, or even new products. Get the display of your vehicle customized, so that you can present them in a palatable manner and craft a unique shopping experience for buyers.

   4.Provide home services

Are you a skilled professional like a plumber, electrician, or cleaner? Think about providing professional home services to your clients using your two-wheeler. You simply need to advertise your services online and establish a strong rapport with your customers. With quality services and timely visits, you can cover an extensive area. 

Starting a business involving home cleaning or plumbing requires a reliable mode of transportation. So, use your two-wheeler loan to purchase a motorcycle. You can easily repay the loan in three to five years, making timely EMI payments.

   5.Pet care services

Well, do you have a passion for pets or animals? How about starting a pet care business and using your motorcycle to reach your client’s home on time?

Apply for a two-wheeler loan and purchase a scooter or motorcycle. Equip it with supplies necessary for pet grooming. If you love animals, you may also consider jobs like pet sitting, dog walking, grooming, or even veterinary assistance. Partner with local pet stores, animal shelters, and veterinarians, so that you gradually expand your clientele. 

   6.Photography and videography

Being a professional photographer or videographer, you know how hectic your schedule can be! You need to move around the city and reach venues and events on time. Why not obtain a two-wheeler loan and ease up your schedule? With the freedom to move around the city quickly, you can take on even more contracts!

Many photographers acquire professional cameras and other equipment through business financing. Now you simply need to market your services for corporate events, weddings, real estate, or product photography. With your motorcycle at your disposal, you can easily navigate through the city to reach different locations, meet clients, and offer your services.

End Note

With two-wheeler loans easily available, you can venture into any business that appeals to you. Overcome the transportation hurdle with one of the popular models that suits your needs. Before acquiring a loan for start-up, consider your interests, skills, and the market demand and proceed with your idea. Regardless of the industry you cater to, having a reliable mode of transportation continues to be a privilege. Look out for a low-interest two-wheeler loan from one of the reputed banks or NBFCs.