2023 Bajaj Chetak Launched at Rs 1.51 Lakh, Gets Premium Features and Three New Colors

2023 Bajaj Chetak Launched at Rs 1.51 Lakh, Gets Premium Features and Three New Colors

News by Team Drivio | Mar 04, 2023

The updated Bajaj Chetak electric scooter gets a higher range, classy new colours and a revised instrument cluster for better visibility. 

  • The Bajaj Chetak offers a range of 108km from its 3kWh Lithium-ion battery pack
  • Its 4kW BLDC electric motor can propel it to a top speed of 63kmph, according to our tests
  • The battery can be charged upto 80 percent in three and a half hours, while charging to 100 percent will take five hours. 

Chakan-based manufacturer Bajaj has launched the Chetak Premium 2023 Edition at Rs 1.51 lakh. What’s interesting is that the marque has slashed the prices of the already-existing premium variant of the electric scooter, bringing it down to Rs 1.21 lakh. 

What the updated 2023 Bajaj Chetak offers?

 The Chetak’s 4kW motor takes it to a measly 63kmph top speed. After the update, its 3kWh battery pack now offers 108km of range, both of which, in our opinion, aren’t enough to keep up with the other highly-strung electric scooters that exist at the same price as the Chetak. 

In fact, even in terms of features, the Chetak’s plain LCD console looks basic and doesn’t boast half the features that its rivals do. 

What are the new Bajaj Chetak colours?

What the Chetak now gets are three new colorways: Matte Coarse Grey, Matte Caribbean Blue and Satin Black. The grey and black color schemes in particular, complement the Chetak’s overall retro vibe quite well.

So while Bajaj giving it new colours and some aesthetic changes makes it a more wholesome package than before, what we would’ve liked from the e-scooter is more grunt. A bigger motor or more output would’ve been appreciated and would’ve equipped the Bajaj Chetak that much better to take on its rivals.