Ampere NXG Electric Scooter To Launch In India Soon

Ampere NXG Electric Scooter To Launch In India Soon

News by Team Drivio | Feb 02, 2024

Ampere Electric Vehicles has embarked on an epic 5,100 km journey across India with its new NXG scooter, aiming to highlight the vehicle's capabilities and India's diversity.

The event flagged off on January 16th from Kashmir by parent company Greaves Electric Mobility

The journey will traverse diverse terrains and cultures across India

Aims to demonstrate the scooter's durability and smart features

Dubbed "The Next Big Thing", Ampere's NXG scooter boasts a lightweight operating system with the fastest boot time and an ultra-bright touchscreen for navigation. Its reinforced exoskeleton provides durability while the safe LFP battery ensures reliable power. 

The luxurious seat with a carbon fibre finish combined with a patented hybrid swing arm offers unmatched comfort. With four customizable riding modes, the NXG caters to diverse needs.

Launch Timeline

The company is accepting pre-bookings for the NXG for just Rs. 499. Lucky customers can grab the special K2K edition scooter. The official launch is expected soon, marking a new chapter for Ampere and parent company Greaves Cotton's engineering legacy.

With a nationwide service network in place, GEMPL aims to revolutionise India's electric two-wheeler segment. The journey highlights Ampere's commitment to excellent after-sales support alongside the NXG's durability and smart features. As the convoy continues southbound, the company hopes to mirror India's unity alongside the scooter's reliability.

Cultural Exploration Across Diverse Terrains

Inspired by the Arctic Tern's migratory pattern, the journey will traverse various terrains and pass through multiple cultures and culinary traditions. The NXG's modern design fused with Indian elements mirrors the harmony between innovation and India's natural beauty. Each pitstop celebrates the diversity seen across the nation.

Ongoing Journey Details

Starting in Delhi, the convoy paid homage at the iconic Red Fort and enjoyed local delicacies. Passing through Haryana's countryside, it reached Mandawa and is now enroute to Bikaner. The journey enables real-time testing of the scooter's capabilities while exploring pan-India cultural essence.