Ather’s New Trademark, What It Means?

Ather’s New Trademark, What It Means?

News by Team Drivio | May 10, 2023

The 450S could even slot in between the base variant and the top-spec pro package. 

  • The 450X is hands-down the sportiest electric scooter in India. 
  • Ather claims that it can ride up to 85km in Ride mode and 105km in Eco mode. 
  • Powering it is a 6kW motor. 

Ather has submitted a patent trademark for a new term, "450S." Could this be the brand's newest electric vehicle product, or is it something entirely different? We think it might be one of the four possibilities listed below.

It’ll Slot Between The Top-spec & Base Variant

It might be a brand-new product that falls between the Pro Pack and base 450X models. On the e-scooter, it might add the faster charger (along with a few essential features) that the base edition lacks and that takes around 15 hours to fully charge. 

A More Affordable Variant Incoming?

A less advanced version of the Ather 450X electric scooter that has a smaller battery and less travel distance. But given that the typical e-scooter already has a 'good' real-world range of about 100 kilometres, this seems improbable.

A New Top-spec Trim?

A variation that is higher than the Ather 450X Pro Pack, yet this is also implausible given the incorrect naming convention. S variations are ranked lower than X variants by almost every manufacturer in the world, therefore we don't think Ather is all that rebellious.

Here’s What We Think It’ll Actually Be

The most likely scenario is for the Pro Pack variant to be renamed simply 450X, while the present base variant, 450X, is changed to 450S. By doing this, the naming standard will become a little bit clearer and easy for everyone to comprehend and distinguish between. What do you think the 450S would be? At this time, in our opinion, this is the most likely scenario.

Prices for the Ather 450X base and Pro Pack, including Fame II and state subsidies, are Rs 98,079 and Rs 1,28,443, respectively, ex-showroom in Delhi.