Bajaj ‘True’ Eco-Warrior: The Bruzer CNG Bike Surfaces Again

Bajaj ‘True’ Eco-Warrior: The Bruzer CNG Bike Surfaces Again

News by Team Drivio | Mar 20, 2024

Resurfacing for testing, the Bajaj Bruzer CNG bike is generating excitement among commuters who care about the environment.

  • This forthcoming vehicle, tentatively dubbed the "Bruzer," seems to be a fuel-sipping marvel.
  •  Scratchy spy photos have shown some intriguing design elements, such as knuckle guards and an LED headlamp. 
  • Industry experts speculate that it may be the sub-125cc commuter bike with the best fuel efficiency. 

Using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as its power source, this two-wheeled eco-warrior seeks to redefine road frugality while cutting carbon emissions.

Bike NameBajaj Bruzer (Expected)
Fuel TypeCompressed Natural Gas (CNG)
Engine Options102cc, 115cc, or 124cc (Expected)
SegmentSub-125cc Commuter
Design HighlightsLED Headlight, Front Cowl, Knuckle Guards, 5-Spoke Alloy Wheels
BrakesFront Disc Brake, Potentially Single-Channel ABS
Expected PricingAbove the current Bajaj Platina and CT range
Expected LaunchFestive Season 2024

The Bruzer: A Marvel That Uses Fuel

Sources close to the project claim that the Bruzer may end up being the most fuel-efficient bike in the commuter market for bikes under 125cc. Using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), this two-wheeled wonder will revolutionize roadside frugal living.

Potential Powertrains and Design Insights

Though the precise engine specs are still unknown, experts speculate that Bajaj may sell the Bruzer with one of their current 102cc, 115cc, or 124cc powerplants. A few intriguing design elements, including an LED headlamp, a modern front cowl, knuckle guards, and a brand-new five-spoke alloy wheel design, have been revealed by the blurry spy photos.

Realistic Applicability

In keeping with Bajaj's history as a commuter car, the Bruzer seems ready to put utility and roominess first. There's a front disc brake visible, which has fans wondering if single-channel ABS (like the Platina 110) would be installed.

Speculation about Pricing and Launch

Experts in the field predict that the Bajaj Bruzer CNG bike, which may cost more than the present Platina and CT line, will be on sale during the next holiday season. Even while CNG has substantially lower operating expenses than gasoline, it may still be a more appealing option for commuters on a tight budget.

With the Bajaj Bruzer, eco-friendly urban mobility looks very promising for the future. With the increasing use of eco-friendly transportation options, this CNG-powered commuter might be a major step forward for Bajaj's efforts to retain environmental sustainability.