E-Sprinto Rolls Out Rapo and Roamy Electric Scooters Starting At Rs 54,999

E-Sprinto Rolls Out Rapo and Roamy Electric Scooters Starting At Rs 54,999

News by Team Drivio | 24 Nov 2023

Attractively priced options targeted at budget-focused buyers

  • E-Sprinto has introduced its debut scooter models, Rapo and Roamy, at starting prices of just Rs 54,999
  • The Rapo offers 80km range from a 60V, 25Ah battery, while the Roamy reaches 100km on a single charge
  • Top speed is limited to 25kmph on both scooters, but fast charging is unavailable

The Indian electric two-wheeler market saw a new entry this month with E-Sprinto rolling out its opening salvo of the Rapo and Roamy electric scooters. Promising functional electric mobility at reasonable rates, these freshman offerings seem directed at value-focused consumers.

E-Sprinto Rapo


Priced at Rs 54,999, the Rapo bases itself on simplicity and essential functionality. Its minimalist design focuses directly on core performance, while keeping costs low. A 250W motor allows for a top speed of 25 kmph, coupled with a 60V, 25Ah battery promising 80km on a single full charge.

E-Sprinto Roamy


As a more advanced alternative, the Roamy carries a price tag of Rs 59,999. The central distinction is its upgraded 60V, 30Ah lithium-ion battery, extending maximum range to 100km. It retains the 250W motor of the Rapo. Additional features include a digital instrument cluster, anti-theft alarm system, regenerative braking, parking assist and mobile app connectivity.

E-Sprinto enters an increasingly dynamic EV two-wheeler space in India, currently led by brands such as Ola, Ather and Okinawa. By prioritizing affordability without fully compromising on quality, they could find a niche among budget-conscious buyers looking to adopt electric mobility.

Rapo and Roamy's preliminary specs seem capable for urban commuting needs. However, their limited top speeds and unavailability of fast charging could be limiting factors. Also, E-Sprinto remains an untested brand, and quality controls are still uncertain.

Nonetheless, these introductory models indicate an encouraging first step for the manufacturer. As they grow based on customer feedback, E-Sprinto shows decent potential in making EVs more attainable across smaller cities and towns.