Gogoro Battery Swapping Stations Launched In India

Gogoro Battery Swapping Stations Launched In India

News by Team Drivio | 26 Apr 2023

Gogoro has done it in partnership with B2B delivery brand Zypp Electric. 

  • There are four service stations in Gurugram and two in Delhi. 
  • These scooters will likely get smartphone connectivity along with turn-by-turn navigation. 
  • Deliveries will hence be made a lot more eco-friendly. 

Gogoro, a Taiwan-based battery swapping technology and EV maker, has started a trial in Delhi NCR in collaboration with Zypp Electric. Gogoro has introduced its battery-swapping platform and smart scooters in the capital as part of the joint venture. In Gurugram, four battery-swapping facilities have been installed, and two in Delhi. The Gogoro smart scooters have a six-second battery switching capability at the swapping stations, and they will be deployed by Zypp Electric, which provides EVs as a service.

The pilot hopes to benefit from the ongoing surge in the use of electric two-wheelers. The bulk of EV sales in India have lately increased by 58 percent, with electric two-wheelers accounting for 62 percent of the market. With its six-second swap-and-go service, Gogoro has serviced 450 million battery changes globally. The scooters and battery exchange service are now available as a B2B service.

With its smart scooters, the pilot also intends to help with the de-carbonization of last-mile deliveries. It would also assist Gogoro in making any necessary improvements to the smart scooter to fit the Indian market and grow its reach.

The Gogoro Smart scooter is an excellent alternative for delivery riders looking for environmentally sustainable, efficient and convenient transportation. It provides connectivity, app integration, and a number of security measures. Gogoro's global battery-swapping network has served 540,000 riders and has more than 1.1 million smart batteries in circulation via its network of 12,000 battery-swapping stations in over 2,500 locations.

Gogoro Network battery switching has saved more than a claimed 625,000 tonnes of CO2 globally, with over 400,000 daily battery swaps and over 450 million cumulative battery swaps so far.