Harley-Davidson X440 Variants:Get All Details, Know Which One Is Best For You

Harley-Davidson X440 Variants:Get All Details, Know Which One Is Best For You

News by Team Drivio | Jul 05, 2023

All Harley-Davidson X440 bikes pack different kit and different price tags as well. 

  • The Harley-Davidson X440 is on sale in three variants: Denim, Vivid and S. 
  • Prices for the Harley-Davidson begin from Rs 2.29 lakh and go up to Rs 2.69 lakh, both ex-showroom. 
  • Cosmetic, hardware and feature changes, here’s all that’s different between the three. 

Harley-Davidson has finally released their newest and most affordable motorcycle, the X440. This cool retro bike has three different versions with varying prices, making it accessible to more people. Let's take a closer look at these variants and understand what sets them apart.

VariantWhat it packs
  • Spoke wheels
  • Not-so-premium colourways
  • Blacked-out engine fins
  • Alloy wheels
  • Dual-tone, more premium colourways
  • Diamond-cut alloys
  • 3D decals on tank
  • Machined engine fins

Denim - Rs 2.29 lakh

The Denim variant of the bike is the most affordable option. It has spoke wheels with tubed tires and a simple single-tone Mustard color scheme. The logo and bike name are stickers instead of a 3D logo. It has blacked-out engine fins for a sleek look. The feature list includes LED lighting, a TFT console with various indicators and a clock, smartphone connectivity with navigation and music control, and a 3.0 USB port. It is priced at Rs 2,29,000, ex-showroom.

Vivid - Rs 2.49 lakh

The Vivid variant adds alloy wheels with tubeless tires for easier puncture fixes. It comes in classy dual-tone colors, Metallic Thick Red and Metallic Dark Silver, with a stylish Harley logo. The features are the same as the Denim variant, priced at Rs 2,49,000, ex-showroom.

S - Rs 2.69 lakh

The most stunning variant is this one. It features 3D branding, machined diamond-cut alloy wheels, and 3D decals on the tank and engine fins. It has additional features like LTE connectivity, geo-fencing, and remote immobilisation. It is priced at Rs 2,69,000, Rs 20,000 more than the Vivid variant.

Our Pick

Among the three variants, we recommend the Vivid variant. It offers better colors, snazzy graphics, and alloy wheels with tubeless tires for convenience. It has the same features as the Denim variant and is priced only Rs 20,000 higher. You can use the saved money to personalize and customize your bike, which is something Harley owners usually prefer. Bookings for the X440 have started with a price of Rs 5,000.