Honda Activa 6G Achieves 3 Crore Unit Sales Feat

Honda Activa 6G Achieves 3 Crore Unit Sales Feat

News by Team Drivio | 29 Jun 2023

It has done that after it was first launched in India back in 2001. 

  • It mostly received its success because it has had no major competitors ever since. 
  • Prices for the Activa 6G now begin from Rs 75,347. 
  • The scooter recently also got a new H-Smart variant with a bunch of new features. 

Honda's iconic Activa series has achieved a significant milestone of selling three crore units, which is a testament to its enduring popularity. Since its introduction in 2001, it took Honda 15 years to reach the one crore sales mark, and only seven years thereafter to reach two crore units sold.

During its initial launch, the Activa faced no direct competitors, which played a vital role in its swift rise to fame. In its first year, the scooter recorded a commendable sales figure of 55,000 units. Originally equipped with a 102cc engine, Honda responded to the growing demand by introducing a larger 109.51cc engine in 2008-09, boasting a 15 percent improvement in mileage. 

In 2020, the Activa underwent a major transformation with the introduction of the 6G model, featuring a technology-driven BS6-compliant engine and telescopic suspension. Building on these advancements, Honda made minor updates in 2023 to ensure BS6.2 emissions compliance and added keyless ignition technology. Additionally, in April of the same year, Honda instilled further confidence in its customers by introducing a generous 10-year warranty package.

The Activa's popularity is expected to soar even higher with the imminent launch of an electric scooter. Given that the Honda Activa is already a household name, it is only logical for the Japanese brand to continue the Activa legacy by naming its upcoming electric scooter, potentially calling it the Activa Electric.

For perspective, here’s how much each variant of the scooter costs now:

Activa Variant ListPrice (Ex-showroom Delhi)
Honda ActivaStandardRs 75,347
Honda ActivaDeluxeRs 77,848
Honda Activa H-SmartRs 81,348