Honda Activa Electric: Motor, Range & Battery Pack Details Revealed

Honda Activa Electric: Motor, Range & Battery Pack Details Revealed

News by Team Drivio | Mar 31, 2023

Honda, at an event, has revealed its electrification plans, revealing that the Activa Electric could be here some time in 2024. 

  • Honda’s first electric vehicle is slated to launch in the first quarter of 2024. 
  • It’ll have fixed batteries. 
  • The second one though, will boast of swappable batteries. 

Honda is a household name in the petrol-powered Indian two-wheeler market, but it is (relatively) new to the burgeoning EV market. Honda plans to launch two new electric vehicles in FY24 to expand its presence in the electric two-wheeler market.

Honda's new EVs will be new products built from the ground up and based on a dedicated platform, codenamed Platform 'E'. This new platform will serve as the foundation for various models with varying battery architecture and installation.

What to anticipate from first Honda Two-wheeler?

The first Honda EV is expected to be released in FY24 (April 2023-March 2024), and it will be a mid-range electric vehicle with a fixed battery. While the language leaves room for interpretation, one of the more likely possibilities is that it will be one of the more affordable and straightforward offerings on the market. 

Honda's debutante EV is also likely to be called the Activa Electric. Honda recently filed patents for a fixed battery and a hub motor, which could foreshadow some of the components used in this upcoming e-scooter. The second Honda EV to be launched in India will have a swappable battery that can be easily swapped out at one of the manufacturer's many battery swapping points.

Honda is establishing a separate Factory 'E' at its Narsapura plant in Karnataka to meet the demand for its electric products. This factory will produce motors for Honda's upcoming EVs and will be capable of producing 1 million units by 2030. Local manufacturers will supply the batteries and Power Control Units for the upcoming Honda EVs.