Jawa, Yezdi Bikes Are Now Meaner And Cleaner

Jawa, Yezdi Bikes Are Now Meaner And Cleaner

News by Team Drivio | 8 May 2023

While the output figures have remained the same, the engine has undergone changes.

  • Classic Legends claims that the bikes have better NVH levels. 
  • That should make the bikes a lot more refined.
  • The 42, in fact, even gets a new LCD dash! 

Jawa & Yezdi, both have updated its motorcycle lineup to meet with the new OBD 2 norms. First off, unlike Yamaha, the complete range has been updated to OBD2, and not in batches. Second, the manufacturers have made adjustments to the bikes during this procedure for a purported increase in refinement and performance (although the power figures for all bikes remain unchanged). 

In the Jawa range – 42 2.1, Forty Two, 42 Bobber, and Perak—important engine components have been redesigned to produce less noise and vibration. The fuel mapping has also been altered, and they have a bigger throttle body and exhaust port. The Jawa 42 now has a slip and assist clutch and a new silencer.  It also gets a new LCD dash instead of the analogue one it had earlier. 

The Yezdi series (Roadster, Scrambler, and Adventure) has received similar upgrades to enhance NVH and rideability. A larger rear sprocket should improve low-end performance and tractability. 

Here’s what the bikes cost now:

Bike   Model  Price (Ex-showroom, Delhi)
Jawa 42 Dual Channel (Orion Red, Sirius White ) Rs 1,96,142
Jawa 42 Dual Channel (Allstar Black) Rs 1,97,142
Jawa 42 Bobber (Mystic Copper) Rs 2,12,500
Jawa 42 Bobber (Moonstone White) Rs 2,13,500
Jawa 42 Bobber (Jasper Red) Rs 2,15,187
Jawa Perak Rs 2,13,187
Yezdi Scrambler (Fire Orange) Rs 2,09,900
Yezdi Scrambler (Bold Black, Yelling Yellow, Outlaw Olive) Rs 2,11,900
Yezdi Roadster (Smoke Grey, Inferno Red, Glacial White) Rs 2,06,142
Yezdi Roadster (Crimson Dual Tone) Rs 2,08,829
Yezdi Adventure (Slick Silver) Rs 2,15,900
Yezdi Adventure (Mambo Black) Rs 2,19,900
Yezdi Adventure (Whiteout) Rs 2,19,942