Matter Aera ebikereceives first price hike, gets dearer by Rs 30,000

Matter Aera ebikereceives first price hike, gets dearer by Rs 30,000

News by Team Drivio | 1 Jun 2023

The much-hyped and long range Matter Aera electric motorcycle currently starts at an introductory price point of Rs 1.44 lakh.

  • Matter Energy introduces a price hike of Rs 30,000 for both variants of the Aera electric motorcycle.
  • With the price hike, the Matter Aera now starts at Rs 1.74 lakh.
  • Customers can avail of the old introductory prices if they pre-book the Matter Aera before June 6th.

Matter Aera, the first-ever all-electric motorcycle with a manual transmission in India, has been grabbing attention even before its sales begin officially. After opening its pre-bookings on May 17th at a starting price of Rs 1.74 lakh, Matter Energy has now hiked the prices of the motorcycle by Rs 30,000.

The Matter Aera electric motorcycle is available in two variants – Aera 5000 and Aera 5000+. While the Aera 5000 was launched with a price of Rs 1.44 lakh, the Aera 5000+ arrived at Rs 1.54 lakh. With the new price hikes, the Aera 5000 and Aera 5000+ are now priced at Rs 1.74 lakh and Rs 1.84 lakh, both prices ex-showroom.

However, you can buy the Aera at the older prices, provided you pre-book the motorcycle before June 6th. The price hikes introduced for the Matter Aera are in the wake of a reduction in FAME-II incentives for electric two-wheelers. Owing to this, all the electric scooters and motorcycles will become more expensive from June 1st.

Both variants – Aera 5000 and Aera 5000+–comewith the same powertrain and battery setups. However, for the premium it commands, the Aera 5000+ has additional features like Bluetooth connectivity, telematics and a charging smart port.

Matter AeraDetails
Revised PriceRs 1.74 lakh (Aera 5000), Rs 1.84 lakh (Aera 5000+), both prices ex-showroom
Electric Motor10 kW
Battery Capacity5 kWh
Maximum Range (claim)125 km (real-world conditions)
Acceleration (0-60 kmph)Under 6 seconds
Transmission4-speed manual