Matter Aera Electric Bike Launched At Rs 1,43,900 in India

Matter Aera Electric Bike Launched At Rs 1,43,900 in India

News by Team Drivio | 3 Mar 2023

The sporty looking bike comes with a lot of firsts for the Indian electric motorcycle segment including liquid cooling for its motor and a four speed gearbox!

  • 10.5kW motor makes an impressive 520Nm at the wheel
  • Its 5kWh battery pack is a liquid-cooled unit, claiming to provide a range of upto 150km
  • The battery can be fully charged in less than five hours 

Matter's first electric bike now has a name and a price tag, following its unveiling in November 2022. The bike, dubbed the Matter Aera 5000, is priced at Rs 1,43,999 for the Aera 5000 and Rs 1,53,999 for the Aera 5000+. (both prices ex-showroom, including FAME II subsidy).

What unique does the Matter Aera offer? 

The Aera is currently available in four variants: 4000, 5000, 5000+, and 6000+. The 5000 receives a seven-inch touchscreen console, which should be a TFT display. The 4000 packs features like park assist, keyless entry, Bluetooth connectivity, OTA updates, and find me lights. Meanwhile, the 5000+ comes with Lifestyle, Care, and Connected packages. The top-tier Aera 6000+ has a larger 6kWh battery pack with a longer range.

The e-bike comes with a 5kWh liquid-cooled battery pack. Depending on the variant, it has a claimed range of 125km to 150km. It will support both standard and fast charging via a single connector and will include a standard on-board 1kW charger. Charging can be done in less than five hours using the on-board charger.

How Matter Aera standouts among its rivals? 

 The Revolt RV 400 and the Torq Kratos compete with the Aera 5000. Yes, it is more expensive than both, but it contains features we haven't seen before. It's loaded with features and outperforms both, with performance comparable to 150cc bikes. So, given what the bike offers, the Aera 5000's price seems quite reasonable.