mXmoto MX9 Electric Bike Launch Soon, Teaser Surfaces

mXmoto MX9 Electric Bike Launch Soon, Teaser Surfaces

News by Team Drivio | 28 Jun 2023

It’ll be mXmoto’s first shot at the electric segment in India. 

  • Its teaser shows an electric bike with a sporty streetfighter silhouette.
  • Underpinnings on the bike could include an inverted fork as well as a monoshock. 
  • If mXmoto prices it on the premium side, it could carry a price tag of more than Rs 1 lakh, ex-showroom. 

mXmoto, a fresh contender in India's electric vehicle (EV) market, is set to make its mark with the impending launch of its inaugural high-speed electric motorcycle, the MX9. The company, headquartered in Delhi, has recently provided a glimpse of the MX9, generating excitement among EV enthusiasts. Despite the Ministry of Heavy Industries' recent reduction in FAME II subsidies for two-wheelers, the EV revolution continues to gain momentum, with more players entering the two-wheeler EV manufacturing space. This trend underscores the rapid growth of the segment.

Not content with the MX9 alone, mXmoto has revealed its plans to introduce electric scooters in the near future. This strategic move aims to cater to a broader range of customers, expanding the company's footprint in the rapidly evolving Indian EV market.

While not much is known about it, the start-up has provided some insights into the MX9's features. These include the inclusion of 17-inch large wheels, a 60 AMP controller for enhanced power management, and regenerative braking technology.

When it comes to the MX9's power source, mXmoto has incorporated advanced LifePO4 Battery Technology into their electric vehicles. This battery technology offers numerous benefits, including improved energy efficiency and longer lifespan, ensuring a reliable and sustainable power supply for the MX9.

In terms of availability, mXmoto has expressed its intention to make the MX9 electric motorcycle accessible nationwide. To achieve this goal, the company plans to establish a comprehensive network of dealerships and exclusive showrooms. This strategy will cater to the increasing demand for electric motorcycles and ensure that customers across the country have convenient access to the MX9. That said, if it’s as premium as it looks, the price tag could go above Rs 1 lakh.