Royal Enfield introduces price hike across its range of motorcycles

Royal Enfield introduces price hike across its range of motorcycles

News by Team Drivio | 31 May 2023

If you are planning to buy a new Royal Enfield motorcycle, you should read this!

  • The prices of Hunter 350 have gone up by Rs 2,755, while a couple of colours of Himalayan are now Rs 5,000 pricier.
  • A price hike of Rs 2,988-3,933 has been introduced for Classic 350 based on the colour.
  • The Scram 411 also becomes dearer by Rs 3,336-3,849 across the range, while the Bullet 350 is now Rs 3,000 costlier.

Royal Enfield has introduced a price hike of its single-cylinder motorcycle range, barring the Meteor 350. The Royal Enfield motorcycles, including Bullet 350, Classic 350, Hunter 350, Scram 411 and Himalayan 411, have received price hikes between Rs 2,755-5,000. 

The least price increment is of Rs 2,755 for the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Dapper model, whereas the Himalayan 411 Glacier Blue/Sleet Black features an up of Rs 5,000 in the price hike.

Among the RE bikes, Scram 411's different colours schemes call for different price hikes. On one hand, RE Scram 411 Blazing Blue/Skyline Blue and Scram 411 White Flame/Silver Spirit models see a hike of Rs 3,336 and Rs 3,391 respectively. While on the other side, Scram 411 Graphite variant sees a hike of Rs 3,849.

The price hikes for these Royal Enfield motorcycles have come a few weeks after the prices of the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 were hiked.

Following are all the revised prices of the new Royal Enfield motorcycles, along with their respective price hikes:

Sr. No.Royal Enfield motorcycle nameOld PriceNew PricePrice Hike
1Hunter 350 DapperRs 1,66,901Rs 1,69,656Rs 2,755
2Hunter 350 RebelRs 1,71,900Rs 1,74,655Rs 2,755
3Bullet 350 Kick StartRs 1,57,178Rs 1,60,178Rs 3,000
4Bullet 350 Electric StartRs 1,65,970Rs 1,68,970Rs 3,000
5Classic 350 RedditchRs 1,90,902Rs 1,93,080Rs 2,988
6Classic 350 Halcyon single-discRs 1,92,890Rs 1,95,919Rs 3,029
7Classic 350 Halcyon dual-discRs 1,98,971Rs 2,02,904Rs 3,933
8Classic 350 SignalsRs 2,10,385Rs 2,13,852Rs 3,467
9Classic 350 MatteRs 2,17,588Rs 2,20,991Rs 3,403
10Classic 350 ChromeRs 2,21,297Rs 2,24,755Rs 3,458
11Scram 411 GraphiteRs 2,03,085Rs 2,06,934Rs 3,849
12Scram 411 Blazing Blue/Skyline BlueRs 2,04,921Rs 2,08,257Rs 3,336
13Scram 411 White Flame/Silver SpiritRs 2,08,593Rs 2,11,984Rs 3,391
14Himalayan 411 Glacier Blue/Sleet BlackRs 2,23,010Rs 2,28,000Rs 5,000