Two-wheelers Launched In India This April

Two-wheelers Launched In India This April

News by Team Drivio | 3 May 2023

KTM updated its entire lineup this month. 

  • The first was Japanese bikemaker Yamaha, launching the new Aerox 155.
  • It also launched the attractive R15 V4 Intensity White
  • TVS too, introduced a new variant to the Raider 125.

With more than ten two-wheelers entering the Indian market, April was a rollercoaster ride (luckily, mostly ups). Here's a rundown of every bike and scooter we saw this month: 

        1) TVS Raider 

This month, the TVS Raider, one of our favourite 125cc bikes, the TVS Raider, received a new single seat variant. With the removal of the drum brake option, the Raider is now available in three configurations. 

        2) Ather 450X

The Bengaluru-based EVmaker revised its product naming and structure, first cancelling the 450 Plus and then releasing two 450X models, one regular and one with Pro Pack. 

        3) KTM 390 Adventure X

If the revvy and intense KTM 390 Adventure has always avoided you because of the high asking price, we have excellent news. This month, KTM introduced the 390 Adventure X, which promises the same performance and handling for more than Rs 58,000 less! 

        4) Yamaha Updates

Yamaha updated its exciting tiny scooter with a new colouring and additional safety features, one of which is a segment first! Look it up here.

The Japanese manufacturer then released a slew of improvements for the MT-15 V2 and R15 series. The highlight of the bunch, though, was the new colorway for the R15 V4, which looks a lot like the R7!

       5) OBD 2 Launches

Finally, all KTM motorcycles received the OBD 2 treatment, followed by price increases ranging from Rs 851 to more than Rs 3,000! Fortunately, though, the price increases weren’t significant enough to deter customers from purchasing. The most significant price increase is seen with the KTM RC 200, which is now Rs 3,008 more expensive, a touch on the higher side, but relatively justifiable given the bike and how it performs. The KTM 125 Duke experienced the smallest price increase of Rs 851.