Vida V1 e-Scooter Sees Massive Price Slash, Becomes More Accessible

Vida V1 e-Scooter Sees Massive Price Slash, Becomes More Accessible

News by Team Drivio | May 06, 2023

Both the Vida V1 Pro and the V1 Plus benefit from this price reduction. 

  • The claimed IDC range for both the scooters stands at 143km and 165km respectively. 
  • While its design is quite attractive, we can’t help but think it looks very similar to the TVS NTorq 125. 
  • The TFT console, meanwhile, facilitates an entire slew of features. 

Electric scooters Vida V1 and V1 Pro now cost Rs. 1.20 lakh and Rs. 1.40 lakh, respectively, after a significant price reduction. These costs are ex-showroom in India and include both the portable charger and the FAME II subsidy.

The Vida V1 electric scooter is now considerably less expensive than it was when it was first introduced in October 2022. The V1 cost Rs. 1.45 lakh at the time, while the V1 Pro cost Rs. 1.59 lakh. Additionally, the subsidies certain states are offering, which will further reduce the cost. For instance, the Vida V1 costs Rs 99,900 in Gujarat, whereas the V1 Pro costs Rs 1.20 lakh.

Regarding benefits, the Vida V1 is the first scooter in its class with detachable batteries. Compared to e-scooters with fixed batteries that must be recharged at certain charging locations, such as a fixed fast charger or home charger located in the parking lot, this makes charging much more convenient for owners.

The Vida V1 Pro receives a larger 3.94kWh battery, resulting in a higher claimed range of 165km, as opposed to the smaller 3.44kWh battery that powers the Vida V1 Plus. The V1 e-scooter's electric motor, which powers both variations to a maximum output of 6kW. 

In addition to the price reduction, Vida has disclosed ambitions to increase its presence in 100 locations this year. Their current locations are Delhi, Jaipur, and Bengaluru, and they have already started to expand to Pune, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Nasik, Hyderabad, Chennai, Calicut, and Kochi.