Yamaha Sales Figures February 2024, RayZR Leaves R15 Behind

Yamaha Sales Figures February 2024, RayZR Leaves R15 Behind

News by Team Drivio | 26 Mar 2024

The Yamaha RayZR was the most sold this month, and that too by miles

  • In fact, as you can see, the Yamaha RayZR actually sold a lot more than what we might expect from the humble scooter
  • A lot of that could be down to the fact that the RayZR looks gorgeous!
  • As for its sibling, the Fascino 125, its cost saw a chunky hike too, in terms of sales

Yamaha's sales momentum remains robust, particularly with its FZ model, which dominates both domestic and global markets. Yamaha Motor Company recorded double-digit year-on-year growth in February 2024, with positive sales figures in both domestic and global markets. 

Total sales (including domestic and exports) reached 78,411 units in February 2024, up from 55,091 units in February 2023, marking a volume growth of 23,314 units, or a 39.37 per cent year-on-year increase in sales.

Specifications2023 Yamaha MT-15 V2.0
Engine155cc liquid-cooled VVA-equipped engine
Maximum power18.4PS
Maximum torque14.1Nm

Yamaha Sales in February 2024 – FZ Tops Domestic and Export Sales Lists Domestic sales surged by 43.51 per cent to 56,538 units last month from 39,397 units in February 2023. However, month-on-month performance witnessed a slight decline in domestic sales, down 9.37 per cent from 62,384 units in January 2024. Yamaha ranked as the 7th best-selling two-wheeler OEM in terms of retail sales last month.

Both domestic and export sales lists were led by the Yamaha FZ. In domestic markets, FZ sales decreased by 16.30 per cent to 14,449 units compared to 17,262 units in February 2023, holding a 25.56 per cent share. Month-on-month sales also experienced a slight decline of 1.56 percent from 14,678 units in January 2024. Two other models in the Yamaha portfolio surpassed the 10,000 unit mark: Yamaha R15 and RayZR.

SpecificationsHero Karizma XMR 210
Engine210cc liquid-cooled engine
Maximum power25.5PS
Maximum torque20.4Nm

Yamaha R15 secured the No. 2 position in February 2024, with 11,128 units sold, marking a 44.58 per cent year-on-year and 15.01 per cent month-on-month growth from 7,697 units and 9,676 units sold in February 2023 and January 2024, respectively. RayZR followed closely with 11,019 units sold last month, with a 130.04 percent year-on-year increase, but a slight 8.53 percent month-on-month decline compared to 12,047 units sold in January 2024.

Yamaha MT15 (10,047 units) and Fascino (7,708 units) both registered significant year-on-year growth but experienced declines of 33.57 percent and 5.72 percent, respectively, in month-on-month sales. Aerox and R3/MT3, the newer additions, recorded 2,047 units and 140 units sold last month, respectively. However, while Aerox witnessed a 22.84 percent month-on-month decline, R3/MT3 sales surged by 366.67 percent from just 30 units sold in January 2024.

Yamaha Exports in February 2024 Yamaha's exports increased by 39.37 per cent to 21,873 units in February 2024 from 15,694 units in February 2023. Exports saw an even more significant month-on-month improvement, rising by 72.53 percent from 12,678 units in January 2024. 

Once again, the Yamaha FZ led the export list with 10,334 units sold last month, marking a 45.34 per cent year-on-year and 43.97 per cent month-on-month growth to command a 56.62 per cent share of the export list. Other models also contributed to export numbers, including the Saluto RX and Ray ZR, which saw triple-digit year-on-year and month-on-month growth in sales.