Yulu Wynn is the latest entrant in the Indian electric two-wheeler space

Yulu Wynn is the latest entrant in the Indian electric two-wheeler space

News by Team Drivio | 1 May 2023

The practical scooter is actually made by Bajaj Chetak!

  • At Rs 55,555, its price can put many ICE scooters to shame.
  • You can book it for a paltry Rs 999.
  • It even gets swappable batteries!

Yulu, a shared electric mobility business supported by Bajaj Auto, has introduced its first personal electric two-wheeler, the Yulu Wynn, at a limited-time promotional price of Rs 55,555. The Wynn is now available for online booking for Rs 999 (totally refundable). Following the introductory period, the Wynn will be available for Rs 59,999.

The Wynn is a unique electric two-wheeler designed to provide simple travel for urban families, with features such as true keyless entry and quick family-sharing. What distinguishes Wynn is its inexpensive ownership experience, which is made possible by Yulu's mobility subscription packs, which lower upfront expenditures by 40%.

The electric scooter has a swappable battery that can be replaced in less than a minute at any Yuma Energy network battery swapping station, a joint venture between Yulu and Magna. Customers can also purchase a portable charger accessory for charging at home.

One glance at Yulu Wynn reveals that it is an intriguing product. Especially in the colour Ravishing Red. It is compact, light, and simple to ride and own. It is strictly a one-seater. The seat squab can only accommodate one rider, and there are no footpegs for a pillion. The body panels are sparse, and the headlights are vertical LEDs. 

Riding Yulu Wynn does not require a driver's licence. This translates to a peak speed of 25 km/h. The specifications, range, and other characteristics have yet to be released. Yulu Wynn is manufactured by CTL (Chetak Technologies Ltd), a division of Bajaj Auto. New Yulu Wynn deliveries will begin in mid-May. Scarlet Red and Moonlight White are the two available colours. For extra convenience, the company plans to expand its battery-swapping facilities.