Ather 450S First Ride Review

Ather 450S First Ride Review | Drivio's Expert Insights

Reviews by Team Drivio | Dec 22, 2023

At Rs 1.30 lakh, the Ather 450S is reasonably affordable 

  • That’s even more so when you factor in the cost of the Ather 450X
  • With a 2.9kWh battery pack, the 450S promises a 90km real-world range
  • While the motor is the same as the 450X, it makes less power than the X

Over the last five years, the Ather 450X has witnessed significant changes in the electric two-wheeler industry. Notable shifts include the substantial increase in the FAME-II subsidy in 2021, followed by its recent reduction. This adjustment affected the pricing of the Ather 450X, known for its performance but higher cost. To address this, Ather introduced the Ather 450S, aiming to offer a familiar experience at a more affordable price point.

Ather 450S: Design & Features

The Ather 450S closely resembles the 450X, with the only noticeable difference being the black plastic component around the headlight, now matching the scooter's color. Despite the more budget-conscious approach, Ather maintains robust construction quality. The "450S" emblem is subtle, emphasizing continuity of design with the 450X, as both share significant traits beneath the surface.

Another thing we loved about the 450S was its updated, new LCD console. Like a lot of other manufacturers who do the same, this one doesn’t feel cheap at all and it feels quite premium even if it’s made with a cost in mind. What’s even better is its readability. Despite testing out the scooter in some early morning, overhead sunshine, we were able to read it perfectly well and had no issues with even some of the finer print located on the top of the console. 

Ather 450S: Motor

Specifications  Ather 450S
Motor3kW (peak)
Top Speed90kmph

The key to the 450S' affordability is its smaller 2.9kWh battery pack compared to the 450X's 3.7kWh pack. Ather claims an initial distance coverage (IDC) range of 115km, with real-world estimates of 90km in SmartEco mode and 70km in Sport mode. Testing is pending, but Ather's track record suggests accurate range estimations. During preliminary testing, the scooter covered approximately 75km on a full charge, primarily in Sport and Ride modes.

Another thing we loved about the 450S was the updated switchgear. Now while the older switchgear didn’t feel cheap in any way, we did feel it was time for an upgrade soon because it had been around for a while back then. So we’re very happy that Ather has finally brought around a change in the same. And what’s nice is just how premium it feels. It even has a lovely click to it and feels very very tactile, something you would want to use a lot. 

It’s super intuitive too and toggling around the menu through the console feels quite intuitive. You will know exactly where everything is so you will not take a long time before figuring out the controls too. And the toggle switch cube feels particularly rich in feedback. 

Even with gloves on, you will be able to know exactly how much pressure to apply to switch on the indicators or even press right in the middle to disengage them. And what remains the same is the fact that you can still schedule how long you want the indicators to be engaged. 

Ather 450S: Chassis

SpecificationsAther 450S
Front SuspensionTelescopic fork
Rear SuspensionMonoshock
Front Tyre90/90-12
Rear Tyre100/80-12
Front brakeDisc brake
Rear brakeDisc brake

While not as powerful as the 450X, the 450S displays commendable swiftness, especially in Sport mode. With a maximum speed of 90kph, it matches the 450X's performance. Throttle mapping adjustments in Eco and Ride modes aim to provide a smoother response, aiding newcomers to electric vehicles. Taller riders may feel slightly constrained during U-turns, and the ride quality maintains firmness.

Our rider’s 6’0 frame meant he did feel a bit cramped on the Ather 450S and taking tight U-turns meant that tall riders would brush their knees into the front apron-mounted panel. In terms of ride quality, lighter riders will find the Ather 450S ride quality a bit bouncy, especially over broken roads. That said, with a pillion, the ride quality becomes much better. 

Ather 450S: Dimensions

DimensionsAther 450S
Seat height780mm
Ground clearance153mm
Kerb weight111.6kg

The Ather 450S retains its compact design, making it ideal for city traffic. Its narrow and agile build allows for quick direction changes, effortlessly navigating through traffic. The scooter's sweet handling DNA remains intact, offering easy maneuverability in tight spaces.

Ather 450S: Price

Ather 450SRs 1,29,999

Ather has competitively priced the 450S at Rs 1.30 lakh, ex-showroom Bangalore.


In summary, the Ather 450S proves to be a worthy purchase. Ather has successfully crafted a more economical model without compromising its essence. Cost reduction measures are seamlessly executed, maintaining the scooter's performance-focused character. The Ather 450S stands as a testament to Ather's commitment to delivering an electric scooter that combines adept handling with a broad smile-inducing performance, reminiscent of the 450X.