Ather Rizta vs Ather 450S: Head To Head Comparison

Ather Rizta vs Ather 450S: Head To Head Comparison

Reviews by Team Drivio | 11 Apr 2024

Those who like sportily designed electric scooters might gravitate towards the Ather 450S more

  • Ather has given all of its battery pack options in the Rizta
  • The 450S, on the other hand, gets only the 2.9kWh battery pack as an option
  • Funnily, the 450S doesn’t even get the TFT that the Rizta gets from the 450X

For those considering Ather scooters, the brand has traditionally been associated with sporty, aggressive models. However, recent developments have seen a shift in this narrative. With the launch of two affordable electric scooters, namely the Ather 450S and the Ather Rizta, prospective buyers now have more diverse options to consider. To determine which of these models is worth your money, let's delve into a comparative analysis.

Ather Rizta vs Ather 450S: Design & Features

The Ather Rizta takes a refined approach to design, departing from the bold aesthetics of its predecessors in the 450 series. Its front apron houses a horizontally oriented headlight cluster with integrated DRLs and turn indicators, reflecting a more subdued yet sophisticated style. The integration of side and tail panels underscores Ather's commitment to functionality blended seamlessly with form, offering a design that appeals to a diverse demographic across various age groups.

Distinctive to the Rizta is its tail-light, which mirrors the bar-style shape of the headlight, contributing to the overall cohesive design philosophy. This design ethos strikes a harmonious balance between elegance and utility, ensuring broad appeal among riders. So while the 450S is something mostly only younger riders will like, the Rizta is something that even more mature riders will appreciate. 

The Ather 450S maintains a striking resemblance to its predecessor, the 450X, with subtle distinctions such as the black plastic component surrounding the headlight, now harmonized with the scooter's colour scheme. Despite its budget-friendly approach, Ather upholds its reputation for sturdy construction quality. The discreet "450S" emblem underscores the design continuity with the 450X, highlighting shared attributes beneath the surface.

An impressive feature of the 450S is its revamped LCD console, which exudes a premium feel despite its cost-effective nature. Unlike some competitors' consoles, this one feels anything but cheap, boasting exceptional readability even under direct sunlight. The console's clarity remains uncompromised, ensuring easy readability of finer details, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Ather Rizta vs Ather 450S: Motor & Range

Specifications  Ather Rizta Ather 450S
Motor4.3kW3kW (peak)
Top Speed80kmph90kmph
Range123-160km (IDC range)90km

The Ather Rizta lineup introduces two variants packed with advanced features. The Rizta S boasts a 7-inch LCD instrument console with Bluetooth connectivity and turn-by-turn navigation, while the Rizta Z elevates the experience with a 7-inch TFT console and Google Maps navigation. 

Both variants offer innovative functionalities such as AutoHold and MagicTwist for regenerative braking, enhancing the riding experience. Notably, the Rizta introduces industry-first features like integrated WhatsApp and Alexa capabilities for added convenience.

Powered by an air-cooled swingarm-mounted motor, the 450S delivers a peak output of 6kW, offering performance akin to the Ather 450X. Notably, acceleration in Sport mode between 20-50kph feels robust, although it gradually tapers off beyond this range. With an indicated top speed exceeding 80kph, the scooter exhibits no signs of thermal distress during extensive testing.

The 450S achieves affordability through its smaller 2.9kWh battery pack, a departure from the 450X's 3.7kWh pack. Ather claims an initial distance coverage (IDC) range of 115km, with real-world estimates of 90km in SmartEco mode and 70km in Sport mode. While comprehensive testing is pending, Ather's track record suggests reliable range estimations. Preliminary testing indicates a coverage of approximately 75km on a full charge, primarily in Sport and Ride modes.

Ather Rizta vs Ather 450S: Suspension, Tyres & Brakes

SpecificationsAther RiztaAther 450S
Front SuspensionTelescopic forkTelescopic fork
Rear SuspensionMonoshockMonoshock
Front Tyre12-inch wheels12-inch wheels
Rear Tyre12-inch wheels12-inch wheels
Front brakeDisc brakeDisc brake
Rear brakeDrum brakeDisc brake

Catering to various commuting needs, the Ather Rizta offers versatile battery options. The Rizta S and one variant of the Rizta Z feature a 2.9kWh battery pack with a claimed IDC range of 123km, complemented by a 350W portable charger. Alternatively, the other variant of the Rizta Z boasts a larger 3.7kWh battery pack, offering an extended IDC range of 160km and a faster charging time of 4 hours and 30 minutes with the 700W Ather Duo charger.

Although slightly less potent than the 450X, the 450S demonstrates commendable agility, particularly in Sport mode, matching its counterpart's maximum speed of 90kph. Throttle mapping adjustments in Eco and Ride modes aim to provide a smoother response, catering to electric vehicle novices. However, taller riders may encounter slight constraints during U-turns, and the ride quality maintains a firm yet responsive feel.

Taller riders, standing at 6 feet tall, may experience a degree of discomfort on the Ather 450S, especially during tight manoeuvres, potentially brushing their knees against the front apron-mounted panel. Ride quality, particularly on uneven surfaces, may feel slightly bouncy for lighter riders, although it noticeably improves with a pillion onboard.

Ather Rizta vs Ather 450S: Dimensions

The Ather Rizta ensures an exceptional ride experience with its well-engineered suspension system, comprising a telescopic fork at the front and a monoshock at the rear. Paired with reliable braking components, including a 200mm front disc and a 130mm rear drum with CBS, the Rizta delivers optimal stopping power and control.

Priced competitively, the Ather 450S offers an enticing blend of performance and affordability. Despite its slightly reduced capabilities compared to the 450X, the 450S maintains impressive agility and responsiveness, making it a compelling choice for electric scooter enthusiasts. Ather's adept execution of cost-reduction measures ensures that the 450S retains its performance-focused character while appealing to budget-conscious riders.

Ather Rizta vs Ather 450S: Price

Ather RiztaRs 1,09,999 onwards (Ex-showroom Bengaluru)
Aher 450SRs 1,29,999 (Ex-showroom Bengaluru)

Ather presents the Ather Rizta in two enticing variants: the Rizta S and the Rizta Z, catering to diverse consumer preferences. Priced competitively at Rs 1,09,999 and Rs 1,24,999 for the introductory models (ex-showroom Bengaluru), the Rizta offers a compelling blend of affordability and performance. With benefits under the Electric Mobility Promotion Scheme 2024, these prices enhance the value proposition for consumers in Bengaluru and beyond.

At Rs 1.30 lakh, Ather has priced the 450S very very well too. It is more affordable than its direct rival, the TVS iQube base variant and hence squares up against it very nicely. And given how important the price is, especially when one is buying a family-friendly electric scooter, it is very impressive that Ather has priced it so well. This is especially given that Ather is known to price its scooters a bit on the higher side. 


In conclusion, the Ather 450S emerges as a compelling investment choice. Ather adeptly introduces a more budget-friendly model without sacrificing its core identity. The implementation of cost-saving measures is executed seamlessly, preserving the scooter's performance-oriented nature. The Ather 450S exemplifies Ather's dedication to providing an electric scooter that seamlessly blends agile handling with an exhilarating performance, reminiscent of its predecessor, the 450X.

The Rizta, on the other hand, while is a very nicely priced scooter, is aimed towards people who have a family and would like multiple people in their family to hop on the scooter and ride it every day. So if you are looking for something of the same sort, the Rizta could impress you. But if you are someone on the younger side looking for something that will stand out a bit more and ensure that you look good while riding to your college, the 450S might get your attention in a lot better manner.