Bajaj Chetak Premium Review: Finally More Features!

Bajaj Chetak Premium Review: Finally More Features!

Reviews by Team Drivio | 19 Jan 2024

The Chetak’s biggest talking point is the new TFT console 

  • That said, the TFT console can only be had if you opt for the TecPac
  • If not, you will have to make do with the same LCD console that looks dated
  • Visually, the Chetak is still the same as before

The Bajaj Chetak electric scooter has undergone a significant upgrade with the launch of the Chetak Premium, addressing previous concerns. The stylish, retro-modern design, impressive fit and finish, and the nostalgic charm of the name remain intact. We revisit the scooter to explore the improvements made.

Bajaj Chetak Premium: Design & Features

Aesthetically, the Chetak retains its charm, featuring metal body panels, a dual-tone seat, alloy wheels, and metallic paint options. Noteworthy changes include dark grey accent trims around lights, maintaining a classy appeal. Minor panel gaps observed in early batches may be refined in later models. Ergonomics remain excellent, offering ample footboard space, a well-contoured seat, and appropriately positioned handlebars.

The major addition is a 5-inch colour TFT screen, enhancing the premium feel. While not a touchscreen, it offers a wealth of information. Standard features include an Eco mode, reverse mode, and an onboard 800W charger. 

The optional Tecpac, costing Rs 9,000, unlocks Sport mode, sequential turn indicators, hill-hold assist, turn-by-turn navigation, music playback, notification alerts, call management, and display themes. The Tecpac, valid for 5 years, integrates with the Chetak app for connected features.

Bajaj Chetak Premium: Motor

Specifications  Bajaj Chetak Premium
Motor4.2 kW
Top Speed73kph

The Bajaj Chetak's performance remains consistent with a quick and friendly throttle response in both Eco and Sport modes. While the difference between the modes is minimal, Sport mode offers a higher top speed. Braking is effective, and the regenerative braking feedback is gradual, maintaining the scooter's user-friendly nature.

Crucial changes include an upgraded 3.2kWh battery pack, increasing range to 126km (as per IDC cycle) and improving real-world range to approximately 115km. Charging times have extended to 4 hours 30 mins for a full charge from the 800W onboard charger. The top speed has been raised to 73kph, addressing previous concerns, with revised gearing allowing better performance.

Bajaj Chetak Premium: Suspension, Tyres & Brakes

SpecificationsBajaj Chetak Premium 
Front SuspensionTelescopic fork
Rear SuspensionDual shocks
Front TyreDisc brake
Rear TyreDrum brake
Front brake90/90-12
Rear brake90/100-12

The Chetak maintains a firm yet absorbent ride, with improved top speed catering to city and highway use. The permanent magnet motor delivers a peak output of 4.2kW and 20Nm, offering linear acceleration. The throttle response is natural, and regenerative braking is effective.

The scooter's decently plush suspension setup provides good ride quality, effectively absorbing bumps and irregularities in the road. However, it may feel slightly unsettled at higher speeds over potholes. The handling, influenced by the single-sided suspension and braking setup at the front, requires effort when tipping the scooter to the right due to weight bias to the left.

Bajaj Chetak Premium: Dimensions

DimensionsBajaj Chetak Premium 
Seat height760mm
Ground clearance160mm
Kerb weight133kg

Practicality sees enhancements with a reprofiled underseat boot, providing a flatter floor and increasing capacity from 17 to 21 litres. While not accommodating a full-face helmet, it comfortably holds a half-face helmet. The front glove box remains at 5.5 litres, housing the charging cable, and a convenient luggage hook is retained.

Bajaj Chetak Premium: Price

The 2023 Bajaj Chetak is available in Premium and Urbane variants, each with Standard and Tecpac sub-variants. The Premium variant is priced at Rs 1,35,463 and Rs 1,44,463 (ex-showroom Bengaluru, including FAME 2 subsidy) for Standard and Tecpac respectively. Colour options include Hazel Nut, Indigo Blue, and Brooklyn Black. 

The Urbane variant is priced at Rs 1,15,000 for Standard and Rs 1,23,001 for Tecpac, with colour options including Cyber White, Matte Coarse Grey, Indigo Metallic, and Brooklyn Black. Now, while Bajaj isn’t demanding an unreasonable amount for the TecPac (and hence the features), we can’t help but feel that these features should’ve come as standard, as almost all of the Chetak’s competition is offering. 


With an increased battery pack and extended riding range, the Bajaj Chetak aims to offer enhanced value. Priced at Rs 1.35 lakh (ex-showroom), the base model lacks ride modes and connectivity features. To access these tech features, an additional Rs 9,000 investment in the 'TecPac' is required. This pricing puts it in a competitive range with the Ola S1 Pro and slightly above the TVS iQube S.

While not as feature-rich as competitors, the Bajaj Chetak appeals to those seeking a straightforward electric scooter. It boasts a credible claimed range, comfortable ergonomics, spacious design, and plush ride quality, delivering a pleasant experience for both rider and pillion. While the performance may not be exhilarating, the Chetak compensates with practical aspects.

In conclusion, the improved range and other enhancements contribute significantly to the Chetak's overall value. With distinctive styling, commendable build quality, and a pleasant riding experience, the Bajaj Chetak stands as a noteworthy option in the electric scooter market.