Bajaj CT 110X Review: Basic But Extremely Practical?

Bajaj CT 110X Review: Basic But Extremely Practical?

Reviews by Team Drivio | 1 Apr 2023

The CT 110X looks like its bigger sibling, the CT 125X. But does it ride like it too? We find that out:

  • The 115.5cc mill makes 8.6PS and 9.81Nm. 
  • It comes mated to a five-speed transmission. 
  • Its design, meanwhile, is properly retro and looks every bit old-school.

In today's world, some 110cc bikes have even surpassed 150cc bikes in the minds of those looking for a competent, good-looking, and feature-packed commuter motorbike under one lakh rupees. Back in the day, you could choose between CBZ and the Unicorn. However, you now have a spectrum of 110s ranging from premium to more basic, and there are no points for guessing which side of the spectrum the CT 110X falls on.

Even though it may be utilitarian, a modern 110 must still meet certain criteria in order to be acceptable in 2022. So, does it get enough points in enough areas, or does the bike get a big thumbs down from us?

Bajaj CT 100X: Design & Features

The Bajaj CT110X has a simple but functional design. Its round headlight with bikini fairing exudes a retro vibe, while the headlight guard, braced handlebars, and gaitered fork give it a scrambler vibe. The thick cushioned seat and simple body panels are typical of a commuter vehicle.

The Bajaj CT110X has a halogen headlight with guards and a braced, easily accessible handlebar. Tank grips, a large crash guard, a metal bash plate, semi-knobbly tyres, and a rear luggage rack are also included. There's an LED DRL on the headlight cowl, as well as blacked-out mechanicals and a new set of graphics that add a sporty touch to the bike. The bike seat has improved cushioning and premium stitching.

Bajaj CT 100X: Engine & Specs

SpecificationsBajaj CT 110X
Maximum power8.6PS
Maximum torque9.81Nm

After all, 110s are intended to be everyday bikes, and everyday riding is all about commuting... From home to office, from office to home, from home to the shops, and so on.

Even though the CT 110X's basic specifications are on par with the rest of the segment, it's a joy to ride in the city. Bajaj has made the third, fourth, and fifth gears shorter. While you may not get a great jump off the line in terms of outright acceleration, the in-gear acceleration is simply superb.

To aid in this, Bajaj has ensured that 90 percent of the engine's 11Nm of torque is available between 3500 and 8000rpm. So, you can twist the throttle at any speed and in any gear, and the CT will just go. In fact, in fifth gear, you can ride the bike at speeds as low as 25kmph. It is most likely the most tractable motor we've tested in this category.

Bajaj CT 100X: Chassis

SpecificationsBajaj CT 110X
Front suspensionTelescopic fork
Rear suspensionDual shock absorbers
Front tyre17-inch
Rear tyre17-inch
Front brake110mm drum brake
Rear brake110mm drum brake

The CT 110X's front suspension is a little soft, but the rear damping is quite sophisticated thanks to the spring-in-spring setup, which gives you three different spring rates. However, if you're a lighter rider, the back end may feel a little stiff. However, add a load, such as a pillion or luggage, and the ride improves dramatically - after all, it is designed to be a true weight hauler.

But don't be fooled by the "X" in the name. It's not designed for off-road use, owing to the fact that it rides on 17-inch alloy wheels with road-biased tyres. But, with its adequate ground clearance of 170mm and all the tough bits, it can handle the worst broken roads the country has to offer.

Bajaj CT 100X: Dimensions

DimensionsBajaj CT 110X
Seat height812mm
Ground clearance170mm
Kerb weight127kg
Fuel tank capacity11-litres

The CT 110X has a seat height of 812mm, which is on the higher side for a 110cc commuter bike. For extremely short riders, this may feel excessively tall. However, because the bike is narrow, anyone taller than 5'6" should have no trouble getting your feet on the ground.

But the foot peg position is really nice - it's not fully forward-set like most commuters, but it's more center-set, which, combined with the rubber pads on the tank, allows you to grip the bike better and ride with more control.

The handlebars are set lower, but not so low that you have to lean forward to reach them. As a result, the seating position is relatively upright and neutral. While not the longest in class, the seat itself is spacious enough for two adults, and even three in a pinch, but it is not recommended.

Bajaj CT 100X: Variants & Price

BikePrice (Ex-showroom Delhi)
Bajaj CT 110X Rs 67,322

At less than Rs 70,000 (ex-showroom), the CT 110X represents excellent value, as it is approximately Rs 6,000 less expensive than its direct competitors.


Clearly, the CT 110X isn't aimed at teenagers or even urban yuppies. It's aimed at tradespeople, such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and delivery drivers. It's primarily intended for those who perform labor-intensive tasks and require a dependable workhorse. And when it comes to workhorses, the CT 110X is unrivalled. As a result, the CT 110X is a true working-class hero.