Benling Aura Road Test Review

Benling Aura Road Test Review

Reviews by Team Drivio | 13 Jul 2023

At Rs 82,975, ex-showroom, the Aura is a whole lot more affordable than its rivals. 

  • The Aura is powered by a 2.5kW motor which will take you to a claimed top speed of 60kmph.
  • Its 2.88kWh battery pack, meanwhile, promises a range of about 120km. 
  • In terms of features, it has an LCD screen that does look a bit too basic. 

Benling India is a company owned by China-based Dongguan Benling Vehicle Technology. They export their products to more than 83 countries. Benling entered the Indian market in 2019 and has expanded its presence to about 185 cities since then. 

Among the four models they sell in India, the Aura is their only high-speed electric scooter. The Aura looks promising, with its impressive specifications on paper, including battery range, top speed, removable battery, and neo-retro design. However, like many other electric vehicles, it remains to be seen if the Aura can deliver the pleasant experience it promises. Let's find out.

Benling Aura Review: Design & Features

The Aura scooter from Benling has a design that closely resembles Vespa's VXL range. It has a retro-style look that blends well with other traditional scooters. The smooth body panels, round headlamp, flat beige seat, and pillion backrest give it a simple and classy appearance. While this design may attract attention and boost sales, it would have been nice to see something more original.

In terms of quality, the Aura is quite impressive. The paint finish is smooth and the plastic panels are sturdy. Everything fits together well, with no strange noises or components shifting out of place. The switchgear also feels of good quality and is pleasant to use, except for the horn and start/stop buttons, which are not easily reachable. However, the cover and hinges of the lockable glove box at the front felt fragile and might not withstand rough handling.

Benling Aura Review: Motor & Range

SpecificationsBenling Aura
Battery pack2.88kWh
Charging5-6 hours

The Aura scooter is powered by a 2.5kW BLDC (brushless DC) motor and a 2.88Kwh lithium-ion battery. It claims to have a top speed of 60kmph and a battery range of 120km. There are three riding modes with different top speeds: mode 1 (35kmph), mode 2 (48kmph), and mode 3 (60kmph). There is also a 4th mode that offers quicker acceleration while maintaining a top speed of 60kmph.

The scooter's cockpit features a large black LCD display, which doesn't match the scooter's premium feel. It shows the speed, battery level, riding mode, and distance covered. It would have been useful if it also showed the remaining battery range, so users could plan their rides better. The battery indicator with four points fluctuates with changes in speed, which can be confusing.

Benling Aura Review: Chassis

Specifications  Benling Aura
Front suspensionTelescopic fork
Rear suspensionMonoshock
Front tyre90/90-12
Rear tyre90/90-12
Front brakeDisc brake
Rear brakeDrum brake

The Aura scooter provides a comfortable riding experience with its neutral riding position. The handlebar is easy to reach and the footboard is not too high, avoiding an awkward squatting position that some electric scooters may have. 

However, one issue is the width of the seat, which can make it a bit challenging to place your feet on the ground, even when sitting towards the front of the seat. This might not be a major problem for taller riders, but it could be inconvenient for others. Additionally, the seat cushioning could be improved, as you start feeling the hardness of the surface underneath after about half an hour of riding.

Benling Aura Review: Dimensions 

SpecificationsBenling Aura
Seat height780mm
Ground clearance165mm
Kerb weight95kg

In terms of ride quality, the suspension of the Aura scooter is set on the firmer side, making even small bumps noticeable. The front suspension, in particular, feels very stiff and tends to bounce when riding over rough surfaces, causing your arms to shake. The rear suspension is slightly more forgiving than the front but still retains firmness. The discomfort is further compounded by the lack of density in the seat foam.

When it comes to handling, the scooter is not extremely sharp but agile enough to navigate through traffic with ease. Its low weight of 95kg contributes to its nimbleness. The brakes are reasonably efficient, offering good progression and decent bite. 

Benling Aura Review: Price

Benling AuraRs 82,975

Benling has priced the Aura at a rather impressive Rs 82,975, ex-showroom Delhi. That means it’s priced a whole lot lower than most of its rivals. 


The Benling Aura is worth considering due to its competitive ex-showroom price of Rs 82,975. Many electric scooters with similar battery and motor specifications are priced higher than the Aura. Additionally, Benling has a strong dealership network with around 185 shops across India, including metro, tier-2, and tier-3 cities. While the Aura may have some rough edges, it fares better than other EVs in terms of performance and build quality, as it doesn't suffer from major issues commonly associated with electric vehicles.