Harley-Davidson X440 Review: (Will Be Affordable & Fun!)

Harley-Davidson X440 Review: (Will Be Affordable & Fun!)

Reviews by Team Drivio | Jun 24, 2023

Once launched it will be the perfect rival to the Royal Enfield Hunter 350. 

  • The X440 will be Harley-Davidson’s most affordable bike ever in India. 
  • With its made-in-India tag, the X440 has been co-developed with Hero. 
  • In an aim to target a younger audience, Harley will load it to the T with features as well. 

Harley-Davidson, a well-known motorcycle brand, with the new X440 model, is all set to enter the small capacity retro bike market. The old-school market is currently dominated by Royal Enfield. The aim is to directly compete with Royal Enfield and attract customers who are looking for stylish retro bikes with a smaller engine size.

Now, the question arises: Will Harley-Davidson be able to achieve success with the X440? Let's explore further and delve into the details of this new motorcycle to find out if it can live up to the expectations and stand as a strong contender against Royal Enfield's dominance in this segment.

Harley-Davidson X440: Design & Features

The upcoming Harley-Davidson X440 motorcycle takes inspiration from the classic XR1200X, which is no longer in production. Its design combines the best of both vintage and modern elements, creating a unique and eye-catching neo-retro appearance. 

One standout feature is its circular LED headlight, which not only illuminates the road ahead but also showcases a horizontal LED daytime running light (DRL) with the iconic 'Harley-Davidson' logo. This adds a touch of style and sets it apart from other motorcycles in its class.

The X440 also boasts several design elements that enhance its visual appeal. The muscular fuel tank exudes a sense of power and strength, while the round indicators add a classic touch to the overall look. 

The monopod instrument console further contributes to the bike's retro charm. Moreover, the multifunction switchgear, which allows riders to control various features and functions, showcases a premium quality that complements the overall design of the motorcycle.

With its combination of vintage-inspired design and modern features, the Harley-Davidson X440 aims to captivate riders who appreciate the timeless aesthetics of retro motorcycles. It is poised to make a statement on the roads with its distinctive appearance, making it a desirable choice for those seeking a blend of classic and contemporary style.

Harley-Davidson X440: Engine

SpecificationsHarley-Davidson X440
Engine440cc air-cooled 
Maximum powerAround 30PS
Maximum torque-
Transmission6-speed (Expected) 

Harley-Davidson is introducing its most affordable motorcycle in India, and it will be equipped with a brand-new 440cc air- and oil-cooled engine. This means that riders can expect a powerful and efficient performance from this new Harley bike. The engine's air and oil cooling system ensures that the bike stays cool even during long rides or in hot weather conditions.

With the introduction of the 440cc engine, Harley-Davidson aims to offer a perfect balance between power and fuel efficiency for riders in India. The size of the engine allows for a smooth and responsive ride, making it suitable for both city commuting and highway cruising. Riders can look forward to a thrilling riding experience, as the 440cc engine delivers ample power and torque for quick acceleration and enjoyable rides.

Harley-Davidson X440: Chassis

SpecificationsHarley-Davidson X440
Front suspensionInverted Fork
Rear suspensionDual Shock Absorbers
Front tyre17-inch alloys
Rear tyre17-inch alloys
Front brakeDisc Brake
Rear brakeDisc Brake
ABSDual-channel ABS

The X440’s engine is placed within a split dual cradle frame, providing a sturdy and reliable foundation for the bike. The frame is supported by a USD (upside-down) fork at the front and gas-charged, preload-adjustable dual shocks at the rear. This combination ensures a comfortable and controlled ride, as it absorbs bumps and uneven surfaces with ease.

To enhance the X440's performance and handling, it is equipped with 18-inch wheels at the front and 17-inch wheels at the rear, all made from lightweight and durable alloy material. These wheels are fitted with new MRF Zapper Hyke tyres, which provide excellent grip and stability on various road conditions, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Harley-Davidson X440: Dimensions

The X440 will in no way be a large motorcycle for even newbies to handle and city commutes wouldn’t be an issue. Slicing through traffic is as easy as any other bike in this class and its peppy motor makes commuting a joy. That said, its weight is a bit cumbersome when moving the bike around at low speeds. 

Harley-Davidson X440: Price

Harley-Davidson X440 VariantExpected Price (Ex-showroom)
StandardRs 2.10 lakh

Harley-Davidson has exciting news for motorcycle enthusiasts as they gear up to launch their most affordable bike on July 3, 2023. This eagerly awaited motorcycle, called the Harley X440, is expected to have a competitive ex-showroom price range of approximately Rs 2.10 lakh.


The launch of the Harley X440 is set to create a buzz in the market, as it will directly compete with other upcoming motorcycles in the same segment. One of its main rivals will be the Royal Enfield Hunter 450, which is highly anticipated among riders. Additionally, the Triumph-Bajaj Roadster will also be vying for attention in this exciting segment. 

But we think you’d be better off waiting for the Triumph bike as it’ll likely feature more exciting performance and better features, both with the premium levels of Triumph.