Hero Passion Pro vs Bajaj CT 110X: Battle of the 110cc commuters

Hero Passion Pro vs Bajaj CT 110X: Battle of the 110cc commuters

Reviews by Team Drivio | 27 Feb 2023

Hero launched the updated Passion Pro about three years ago and it’ll go directly against its arch 110cc rival, the Bajaj 110X. 

  • The Hero Passion Pro packs a slightly more powerful and torquey engine 
  • The Bajaj CT 110X, meanwhile, promises to take on whatever roads you throw at it
  • The Passion Pro is a whole lot lighter than its Bajaj rival though

Hero made significant changes to the BS6 Passion Pro in 2020. It got sportier looks, new paint schemes, and better hardware to tackle India's pothole-ridden roads. While all of this sounds impressive, one question remains: Is it capable of competing with the Bajaj CT 110X? Let us find out:

Hero Passion Pro vs Bajaj CT 110X: Engine & Gearbox

SpecificationsHero Passion ProBajaj CT 110X
Engine113cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled, engine115.45cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled, engine
Torque9.89Nm 9.81Nm

The Passion Pro's latest iteration has a slightly larger engine (113cc as opposed to 109.15cc) and is now fuel-injected. The torque kicks in early, giving the BS6 Passion a more lively and eager feel. It is by far the fastest 110cc bike we've tested. In-gear roll-on acceleration is also faster on the Passion Pro. 

It's all thanks to the bike's meaty mid-range and the even distribution of power across the rev range, which makes the motor extremely tractable within city limits. That, though, doesn’t come at the expense of something that’s very important in this segment: fuel efficiency. The Passion Pro returned a healthy 68.21kmpl in the city and an even better 70kmpl when we took it out on the highway. 

The CT 110X, meanwhile, packs a torquey but not as lively an engine. Yes they’ll both handle commuting duties rather well, but on those occasional days when you want to ride your bike in a spirited manner, the Passion Pro will be slightly more rewarding than its Bajaj rival. That said, you should keep in mind that none of the bikes are actually meant for spirited riding and they’re meant to take on commuting duties a lot more. 

Hero Passion Pro vs Bajaj CT 110X: Suspension, Tyres & Brakes

SpecificationsHero Passion ProBajaj CT 110X
Front suspensionTelescopic ForkTelescopic fork
Rear suspensionDual shock absorbers Dual shock absorbers 
Front brake240mm disc brake or 130mm drum brake130mm drum
Rear brake130mm drum brake110mm drum
Front tyre18-inch tyres17-inch tyres
Rear tyre18-inch tyres17-inch tyres

The Hero Passion pro pulls ahead of the Bajaj CT 110X in terms of its hardware too. The Hero commuter has a front disc brake on option, while packing 18-inch wheels that should take on our bad roads a lot better. Its revised suspension setup also works well and does a good job of smoothing out undulations. There is some harshness in the beginning, but it quickly settles down and provides a pliant ride thereafter. 

The Bajaj CT 110X, despite its rugged, take-it-anywhere looks, packs rather sporty 17-inch wheels. Smaller wheels mean the chances of them getting deflected by larger rocks and bumps increase, resulting in a bit of a bouncy ride. It also misses out on a front disc brake, even as an optional accessory. While the brakes do a good job of stopping the bike, drum units simply lack the braking feel and feedback that the Passion Pro’s disc units can provide. 

Hero Passion Pro vs Bajaj CT 110X: Dimensions

SpecificationsHero Passion ProBajaj CT 110X
Ground clearance180mm170mm
Fuel tank capacity10-litres11-litres
Seat height799mm812mm
Kerb weight117/118kg127kg

Despite packing more rugged looks, the Passion Pro comes out as the more rough, road-ready bike in dimensions too. The bike not only packs 10mm of extra ground clearance, but it’s also substantially lighter than the Bajaj CT 110X, a lot of which is because of its revised diamond frame. And you can access all these things through a much more accessible 799mm seat. While the CT’s 812mm is not dauntingly high, it’s definitely on the higher side when we talk about 110cc commuters. 

Where the Bajaj CT 110X gets a lead over the Passion is by packing a bigger fuel tank, meaning those much lesser fuel stops for you. The 15mm bigger wheelbase also ideally translates to that much more stability on the highway. That said, these bikes aren’t really meant for the highways, so putting that to use wouldn’t be very frequent. In fact, the Passion’s shorter wheelbase makes it slightly more flickable and fun in the city than the slower-moving Bajaj CT 110X. 

Hero Passion Pro vs Bajaj CT 110X: Price

Hero Passion Pro range starts with Rs 74,408 (ex-showroom Delhi) onwards. On the other side, the Bajaj CT 110X is tagged at Rs 67,322 (ex-showroom Delhi). There is a price difference of Rs 7000 between the two arch rival commuter bikes.


All the extra bits that the Hero Passion Pro packs over the Bajaj CT 110X comes at a price, and that’s more than Rs 7,000. The Bajaj CT 110X presents itself as a simple, no-nonsense commuter that promises to be a friendly commuter. And in that commute, when you inevitably encounter bad roads, it promises to take them on pretty well too. If that is something your fancy, the CT definitely makes a compelling case for itself. 

The Hero Passion Pro, meanwhile, offers to be more than just simple. It promises a bit more fun and sportiness, both in terms of its looks and performance. Now yes, Rs 7,000 is a lot of money in this space, but we believe it is the ideal choice if you want something that looks great and performs well enough to make your daily commutes enjoyable. This claim also benefits from the ease of use provided by i3S and Auto Sail in Hero Passion Pro.