Hero Splendor+ vs Bajaj Platina 110: Know the better entry-level commuter

Hero Splendor+ vs Bajaj Platina 110: Know the better entry-level commuter

Reviews by Team Drivio | 20 Jan 2023

The Bajaj Platina 110 takes on the iconic Hero Splendor+ with its whole range of new updates. Do these updates make it a more lucrative deal over Hero’s highest-selling motorcycle? We find out.

  • Both Splendor+ and Platina 110 are the highest-selling motorcycles for their parent manufacturers.
  • The Platina 110 offers a bigger engine and an extra gear in its transmission, compared to Splendor+
  • Both the motorcycles now get modern features like LCD screens in the instrument console and daytime running LEDs

Since its launch in the ‘90s, the Hero ‘Splendor’ brand has become an icon in the Indian two-wheeler industry. With millions of customers, the Hero Splendor+ is a familiar sight in every lane of the country making it an undisputable sales king among motorcycles in the country. 

In all these years, many motorcycles have come and gone, but none has managed to overcome the behemoth of popularity the Splendor+ enjoys. However, Bajaj Auto has gone all guns ablaze with its new offering in the entry-level commuter segment, the Platina 110. With a host of new updates and promising specifications, has it got an edge over Splendor+? We compare both these motorcycles head-on.

Hero Splendor Plus vs Bajaj Platina 110: Design and features

In the present-day Indian two-wheeler market, the Hero Splendor+ and Bajaj Platina 110 are two of the oldest designs, which have evolved only minutely in all these years of their existence. However, compared to the Splendor+, the Platina 110 is a fresher-looking motorcycle. 

It comes with a flashier design for its alloy wheels and a more modern-looking alloy grab rail for the pillion rider, unlike the utilitarian pillion grab rail of the Splendor+ finished in chrome. Also, the engine and alloy wheels of the Platina 110 come finished in a blacked-out theme. The Splendor+ also gets the same, but only in its range-topping XTEC variant.

In terms of features, both the motorcycles are equipped with electric start and alloy wheels as standard, with their top-spec variants getting daytime running LEDs positioned above their halogen headlamps. The Bajaj Platina 110 gets a part-digital instrument console with an analogue speedometer and LCD for fuel gauge, odometer, trip meter, time and gear indicator. 

On the other hand, the Hero Splendor+ gets a fully-digital instrument console in its top-spec XTEC variant and an all-analogue console in the rest of the variant lineup.

FeaturesHero Splendor+Bajaj Platina 110
Daytime running LEDYesYes
Instrument consolePart-digital

Fully-digital (XTEC), 

All-analogue (other variants)

Gear indicatorYesNo
Alloy wheelsYesYes
Electric startYesYes
Pillion grab railAlloySteel


Hero Splendor Plus vs Bajaj Platina 110: Engine and transmission

In this comparison, the Bajaj Platina 110 wins quite easily over the Hero Splendor+, at least on paper. Both the motorcycles here get four-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled, engines. However, with a larger 115.45cc engine over the 97.2cc engine of the Splendor+, the Platina 110 posts higher maximum power and torque outputs, and that too at lower RPMs.

However, the Splendor+ offers the option of idle start-stop for its engine, which is quite helpful in saving fuel in stop-go traffic. Even the 5-speed gearbox of the Platina 110 is one level up over the 4-speed gearbox of the Splendor+.

SpecificationsHero Splendor+Bajaj Platina 110

Four-stroke, single-cylinder, 

air-cooled, 97.2cc

Four-stroke, single-cylinder, 

air-cooled, 115.45cc with DTS-i

Maximum power8.0 PS @ 8,000 rpm8.6 PS @ 7,000 rpm
Maximum torque8.05 Nm @ 6,000 rpm9.8 PS @ 5,000 rpm

Hero Splendor Plus vs Bajaj Platina 110: Suspension, tyres and brakes

When compared head-on, the Bajaj Platina 110 has a minor edge over the Hero Splendor+ in almost all the aspects of chassis setup. Both the motorcycles come with hydraulic telescopic forks at the front and tubular swingarm with 5-step adjustable coil springs at the rear, though in the Platina 110, the rear coil springs are gas-charged.

The Platina 110 rides on 17-inch alloy wheels compared to 18-inch wheels on the Splendor+, though both have tyres with the same section width. Both the motorcycles come with a 130mm drum brake at the front as standard, though Bajaj is also offering an option of a 240mm front disc brake on the Platina 110. 

Meanwhile, the 130mm rear drum brake of the Splendor+ is better than the 110mm rear drum brake in the Platina. However, the Platina 110 compensates for this by providing an option of a single-channel ABS, which makes it the most affordable motorcycle in India to come equipped with ABS.

SpecificationsHero Splendor+Bajaj Platina 110
FrameTubular double cradleTubular double cradle
Front suspensionTelescopic hydraulic forksTelescopic hydraulic forks
Rear suspension

Swingarm with 5-step adjustable 

hydraulic coil springs

Swingarm with 5-step adjustable, 

gas-charged hydraulic coil springs

Front tyre80/100-18 (tubeless)80/100-17 (tubeless)
Rear tyre80/100-18 (tubeless)80/100-17 (tubeless)
Front brake130mm drum240mm disc / 130mm drum
Rear brake130mm drum110mm drum 
ABSNoYes (optional)

Hero Splendor Plus vs Bajaj Platina 110: Dimensions

Among the two motorcycles here, the Hero Splendor+ is the wider and lighter motorcycle, while having a lower seat height. These advantages make it an easier motorcycle to ride, especially for newer or shorter riders. 

However, with a longer wheelbase and higher ground clearance, the Bajaj Platina 110 offers a more sorted and balanced ride. It also has a large fuel tank capacity, offering a slightly higher full tank range.

DimensionsHero Splendor+Bajaj Platina 110
Length2000 mm2006 mm
Width720 mm713 mm
Height1052 mm1100 mm
Wheelbase1236 mm1255 mm
Ground clearance165 mm200 mm
Kerb weight112 kg123 kg
Fuel tank capacity9.8 litres10.5 litres
Seat height785 mm807 mm

Hero Splendor Plus vs Bajaj Platina 110: Price

The Hero Splendor+ is being offered in four variants – Self-Cast (Rs 72,076), Self-Cast with the black theme (Rs 72,496), Self-Cast with the black theme and i3S (Rs 73,396) and XTEC (Rs 76,346). However, Bajaj Platina 110 claims to offer a more value-for-money positioning with a lower entry price point. 

The Platina 110 is available in three variants – ES Drum (Rs 68,544), ES Disc (Rs 69,216) and ES Disc ABS (Rs 72,224). With these prices, the top-spec Platina 110 overlaps with the base-spec Self-Cast variant of Splendor+.

PriceHero Splendor+Bajaj Platina 110
Ex-showroom, DelhiRs 72,076 – Rs 76,346Rs 68,544 – Rs 72,224


Both the Hero Splendor+ and Bajaj Platina 110 are the chief volume bringers for their parent manufacturers, and good in their ways. However, when the two motorcycles are compared in all aspects, it is the Platina 110 which seems to be a better value over Splendor+. It gets more features like ABS, a gear indicator, gas-charged rear coil springs, a ribbed seat and an alloy pillion grab rail. 

In addition, the Platina 110 also offers a bigger engine with higher power and torque outputs, more advanced transmission and the option of a front disc brake. Taking all the advantages into account, which are offered at lower price points, the Platina 110 is a better value-for-money offering than the Splendor+.