Hero Xtreme 200S 4V First Ride: Likes & Dislikes

Hero Xtreme 200S 4V First Ride: Likes & Dislikes

Reviews by Team Drivio | 16 Aug 2023

After the XPulse and the Xtreme 160R, the Xtreme200S too, now gets a 4-valve engine. 

  • The Xtreme 200S 4V looks like a Ducati superbike of the yesteryear.
  • With 19.17PS and 17.35Nm on tap, the Xtreme 200S 4V should be able to take on its rivals better now.
  • And with these things, the Rs 1.41 lakh price tag is pretty decent too.

Hero MotoCorp has significantly improved its collection of high-end products lately. About 18 months back, the company made a return to the premium market with the XPulse 200. Since then, they only had the Xtreme 200R in this category.

Yet, during a recent launch event, Hero amazed everyone by not just offering the XPulse 200 and 200T for sale, but also introducing a new motorcycle, the Xtreme 200S 4V. We tested it by taking a ride around BIC, and here's what we thought about the experience:

Hero Xtreme 200S 4V Review: Design & Features

The Xtreme 200S brings a breath of fresh air with its smooth lines and simple design. Hero chose not to add too many stickers, which makes it look really nice and clean. The sharp lines on the bike make it even better-looking, and they go smoothly from the front to the gas tank, making everything look nice together.

One thing to praise is how the front part is not too wide, even though they could have made it look bigger. Hero wanted it to look balanced and nice instead. The headlight on the Xtreme 200S is all made of LED lights, which is cool and modern. Overall, Hero made a bike that looks great and is also made well with the Xtreme 200S.

Hero Xtreme 200S 4V Review: Engine

SpecificationsHero Xtreme 200S 4V
Engine199.6cc single-cylinder air-cooled 4-valve SOHC
Maximum Power19.17PS
Maximum Torque17.35Nm

The 200S is a lot like the Xtreme 200R in its main parts. It has the same frame, suspension, gearbox, wheels, and tires. It runs on a 199cc engine that makes around 19.17PS of power and 17.35Nm of torque. This makes the bike run really smoothly and without any jerks. The five-speed gearbox works well with the engine, making gear changes feel smooth and easy, which makes riding even better.

The suspension is the same as the other bike too. The front part has telescopic forks, and the back has a special shock absorber that can be adjusted for comfort. 

Hero Xtreme 200S 4V Review: Chassis

SpecificationsHero Xtreme 200S 4V
Front suspension37mm telescopic fork
Rear suspensionGas-charged monoshock
Front tyre100/80-17
Rear tyre130/70-17
Front brake276mm petal disc
Rear brake220mm petal disc

Unlike the XPulse models that have their own unique frame and suspension setups, the Xtreme 200S does things differently. It chooses to use the same basic structure and suspension parts as the 200R. This means it has the same kind of frame and suspension components: 37mm telescopic forks in the front and a special rear monoshock that can be adjusted to different levels of stiffness.

Hero Xtreme 200S 4V Review: Dimensions

DimensionsHero Xtreme 200S 4V
Ground clearance220mm
Kerb weight149kg
Fuel tank capacity13-litres
Seat height825mm

The brakes on the Xtreme 200S work with a 276mm disc in the front and a 220mm disc in the back, giving enough power to stop the bike well. We didn't get to fully test the brakes on the track, but it's worth mentioning that the bike has a basic kind of ABS (anti-lock braking system) that works on one wheel, which makes it safer when you're riding on the road.

Hero Xtreme 200S 4V Review: Variants & Price

PriceHero Xtreme 200S 4V
Ex-showroom, DelhiRs 1,41,250 onwards

Hero has chosen to stop making the 2-valve version of the Xtreme 200S, so now you can only get the 4-valve version. This version costs about Rs 1,41,250 if you're buying it in Delhi. Hero wants to make things simpler by focusing on the 4-valve version, which has better features and performance. They're doing this to match what customers want.


Priced just above Rs 1.41 lakh, the fully-covered Xtreme 200S is a great deal. It has a good 200cc engine that runs smoothly, and the bike is made really well. It's also fun to ride. Besides being good at performing, the bike looks cool and is comfy to sit on, making it a complete package. Hero introducing this bike doesn't just make their collection better, but it also adds excitement to the whole 200cc bike category.

This bike goes up against the Bajaj Pulsar RS 200, and you should also think about other bikes like the TVS Apache RTR 200 and Yamaha FZ25 as its rivals. All these bikes are fighting hard in the same market. In the end, the Xtreme 200S will make bike fans really like it and help Hero do better in the market for high-performance bikes.