Honda Activa 125 vs TVS Jupiter 125: Specifications Compared

Honda Activa 125 vs TVS Jupiter 125: Specifications Compared

Reviews by Team Drivio | 14 Aug 2023

Here’s how India’s two best-selling 125cc scooters fare against each other. 

  • The Activa 125’s 123.97cc mill makes 8.29PS and 10.3Nm.
  • With its latest update, the Activa 125 also boasts of a variety of new features. 
  • TVS has positioned the Jupiter 125 as an extremely practical scooter to take on your commuting duties. 

In the past year, TVS expanded its range with the introduction of a 125 cc scooter. This addition, named the Jupiter 125, marked an important move by the Indian two-wheeler manufacturer, addressing the gap between the TVS Jupiter 110 and the more upscale TVS Ntorq 125. 

The primary focus of the Jupiter 125, however, lies in catering to consumers who seek a classically designed scooter with practical features. This recently unveiled TVS scooter boasts a range of appealing attributes, including a dependable engine, a robust metal frame, an LED headlight, and various convenient amenities. The question at hand is whether this new TVS Jupiter variant can give the Honda Activa 125 a run for its money. Let's find out: 

Honda Activa 125 vs TVS Jupiter 125: Design & Features

The design of the TVS Jupiter 125 exhibits a notable resemblance to its smaller sibling, albeit with a more substantial appearance. Its visual appeal strikes a balance between conservatism and fluidity, avoiding extravagant elements. 

Notably, the LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) and chrome accents contribute to its distinction from the 110cc variant. A premium touch is added by the LED taillight accompanied by a body-colored grab rail featuring an integrated reflector. In terms of color options, the Drum variant offers Titanium Grey and Pristine White, while the Drum-Alloy variant introduces Indiblue. The top-tier Disc variant presents a fourth color: Dawn Orange.

The Jupiter 125 excels in its inclusion of various features. The scooter boasts LED components for its headlight, tail lamp, and DRLs, while the indicators retain halogen bulbs. Adding to its practicality, the semi-digital instrument console provides essential information like mileage, fuel level, distance-to-empty estimation, and an Eco/Power indicator. Although TVS has omitted Bluetooth connectivity, it is open to incorporating it based on market demand. 

Enhancing convenience, the Jupiter 125 integrates a front fuel-filler cap, an industry-leading 33-liter storage area, a two-liter front cubby space with USB charging, and a versatile multi-function key. Standard features encompass a silent starter (iTouchStart) and an idling-stop-start system for heightened fuel efficiency, as claimed by TVS.

In the case of the Honda Activa 125, while maintaining the familiar silhouette, subtle refinements distinguish it from its predecessors. Notably, the beak design has undergone minor adjustments. The headlight and DRL remain LED, while the turn indicators retain conventional bulb-type elements. The inclusion of chrome accents on extended side panels adds a touch of sophistication.

An interesting debut for Honda scooters, the Activa 125 incorporates an external fuel-filler cap. On the alloy and deluxe trims, a digital inset complements the analog speedometer. This digital panel, carried over from the previous BS4 model, now offers additional real-time and average mileage indicators along with a distance-to-empty reading. Honda's engine updates include the significant ACG starter feature, replacing the conventional starter motor for quieter starts. 

A significant first for Honda scooters, the Activa 125 introduces an external fuel-filler cap, a departure from previous designs. On the upper-tier trims (alloy and deluxe), a digital inset accompanies the conventional analog speedometer. While the unit remains consistent with the older BS4 model, it now provides additional data such as real-time and average mileage indicators, along with a distance-to-empty reading. 

Honda has ushered in a series of enhancements to the engine, with the standout being the ACG starter feature. The Alternator Current Generator (ACG) starter eliminates the conventional starter motor, resulting in smoother and quieter ignition sequences. 

An engine-kill switch is standard on both the standard and alloy trims, while the deluxe trim includes the idling stop system. This functionality resembles the i3S technology featured in Hero two-wheelers, where the engine spark is momentarily cut upon coming to a stop. 

Honda Activa 125 vs TVS Jupiter 125: Engine

SpecificationsHonda Activa 125TVS Jupiter 125
Engine124cc engine124.8cc engine
Maximum power8.29PS8.15PS
Maximum Torque10.3Nm10.5Nm

The heart of the Honda Activa 125 comprises a 124cc single-cylinder BS6 petrol engine, employing air-cooling. This powerplant exhibits a capability to generate 8.29PS of peak power, reaching its zenith at 6,500 rpm, while also producing a maximum torque of 10.3Nm at 5,000 rpm. However, the Activa 125 takes the lead in terms of weight, boasting a kerb weight of 111 kg.

Contrastingly, the TVS Jupiter 125 adopts a novel 2-valve 124.8cc single-cylinder petrol engine, also relying on air-cooling. This power source achieves 8.15PS of peak power at 6,500 rpm and 10.5Nm of peak torque at a lower 4,500 rpm. Despite the TVS Jupiter 125 slightly trailing the Honda Activa 125 in power, it compensates by delivering greater torque at lower revolutions. Furthermore, it emerges as the lighter contender, shedding nearly 3kg and clocking in at just 108kg.

Honda Activa 125 vs TVS Jupiter 125: Suspension, Tyres & Brakes

SpecificationsHonda Activa 125TVS Jupiter 125
Front suspensionTelescopic forkTelescopic fork
Rear suspensionDual shocksGas–charged Monoshock
Front tyre90/90-1290/90-12
Rear tyres110/90-1090/100-10
Front brakeDrum BrakeDrum Brake (Disc Optional)
Rear brakeDrum BrakeDrum Brake
ABSCombined Braking System (CBS)Combined Braking System (CBS)

In this realm, both these vehicles are evenly matched. Both the 125 cc scooters utilize telescopic forks coupled with three-step adjustable mono-shocks. Notably, the Jupiter 125 stands out by featuring a gas-charged mono-shock, enhancing pillion comfort. However, a notable divergence arises in the braking domain. 

While both the Jupiter 125 and Honda Activa 125 come standard with 130 mm drum brakes, the Jupiter offers an added 220 mm front disc brake option. On the other hand, Activa 125 customers have the choice of a 190 mm front disc brake. Consequently, the TVS Jupiter 125 showcases superior braking components in comparison to the Activa 125.

Honda Activa 125 vs TVS Jupiter 125: Dimensions

DimensionsHonda Activa 125TVS Jupiter 125
Ground clearance145mm166mm
Kerb weight111kg108kg
Fuel tank capacity5.2-litres5.3-litres
Seat height785mm760mm

Despite featuring a notably shorter wheelbase, the TVS Jupiter 125 unquestionably emerges as the superior commuter due to its lower weight of 108kg, positioning it as a remarkably lightweight scooter within its segment. This attribute renders it remarkably agile and easy to control, catering to riders of diverse shapes, sizes and genders, despite its relatively higher seat height.

Honda Activa 125 vs TVS Jupiter 125: Price

Scooter ModelPrice (Ex-showroom Delhi)
Honda Activa 125Rs 79,806 onwards
TVS Jupiter 125Rs 83,855 onwards 

The role of pricing holds immense significance in the purchasing choices of numerous individuals. Regardless of the array of features a scooter might offer, its success within the Indian market hinges on its cost-effectiveness. The Honda Activa 125 initiates its pricing at Rs 79,806. 

Contrasting this, it's the TVS Jupiter that commands a higher starting price of Rs 83,855 (ex-showroom, Delhi) for the entry-level configuration equipped with drum brake, both prices ex-showroom Delhi. 


As the more recent addition to the lineup, the TVS Jupiter 125 scooter goes beyond the Honda Activa 125 by presenting a richer array of features and increased storage capacity. However, it's important to note that the TVS Jupiter 125 also comes with a slightly higher price tag. This combination of enhanced features and a slightly elevated cost positions the TVS Jupiter 125 as a potentially superior choice, at least when evaluating its specifications.