Honda CB350 vs Royal Enfield Hunter 350: Specifications Compared

Honda CB350 vs Royal Enfield Hunter 350: Specifications Compared

Reviews by Team Drivio | 27 Nov 2023

Interestingly, both are retro roadsters and are powered by a 350cc air-cooled mill

  • The Hunter 350’s famed J-series engine makes 20.2PS and 27Nm
  • Honda, meanwhile, has ensured that the CB350 makes a much more respectable 21.07PS and 30Nm
  • Both, meanwhile, have been paired to 5-speed gearboxes

When we rode the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 last year, we found it to be quite a likable motorcycle. Despite being less on power and high on weight, its chassis meant it was a fun commuter and made those boring city rides through traffic a lot of fun. But now that Honda has introduced the CB350, does it mean that the Royal Enfield Hunter 350’s tag as an affordable retro roadster is under threat? Let’s find that out: 

Honda CB350 vs Royal Enfield Hunter 350: Design

The design ethos of the Honda CB350 and Royal Enfield Classic 350 is a nod to the roots of motorcycling, steering away from contemporary clutter. The Classic 350 boasts a trademark hooded headlight and regal pilot lamps, exuding stately charm. In contrast, the CB350 positions itself strategically for Royal Enfield Bullet 350 enthusiasts with full-length metal fenders, a restrained color scheme, and subtle yet impactful enhancements compared to the Honda H’ness CB350.

Noteworthy design elements of the CB350 include a chromed-out pea-shooter exhaust, split seats with premium covers, tank grips, and metal covers for the fork, elevating its aesthetic appeal. The exhaust, designed for a low-pitched thump, caters to the preferences of Royal Enfield enthusiasts. The Hunter 350, with its traditional modern vintage roadster design, manages to maintain a unique individuality through curved knee recesses, unique side panels, and a well-finished rear. Accessories like the flat seat and optional tail tidy contribute to its overall appeal.

Honda CB350 vs Royal Enfield Hunter 350: Engines

SpecificationsHonda CB350Royal Enfield Hunter 350
Engine348.36cc engine349cc engine
Maximum power21.07PS20.2PS
Maximum torque30Nm27Nm

Delving into the performance realm, the Honda CB350 showcases its prowess through its refined engineering. The long-stroke motor, despite mirroring the Classic 350, offers a distinctive power delivery. The acceleration builds linearly through the mid-range, culminating in a robust top-end performance that provides a thoroughly modern riding experience. This stands in stark contrast to the Classic 350's characteristic low-end torque.

However, the absence of substantial grunt at lower revs can render the CB350 somewhat uneventful, deviating from the expectations of retro bike enthusiasts, particularly those fond of the Classic 350's torquey nature. Attempting to compensate by revving the CB350 can lead to increased vibrations, diminishing the overall riding experience, especially when pushing the bike to its limits.

On the other side of the spectrum, the Royal Enfield Hunter 350, while not claiming the sporty title, offers an agile and lively performance. Sharing an engine configuration almost identical to its Classic and Meteor counterparts, the Hunter manages to carve its identity through subtle differences in engine programming. This results in a more responsive feel, complemented by a distinct raspier sound from its shorter exhaust.

Honda CB350 vs Royal Enfield Hunter 350: Suspension, Tyres & Brakes

SpecificationsHonda CB350Royal Enfield Hunter 350
Front suspensionTelescopic ForkTelescopic fork
Rear suspensionTwin Hydraulic ShocksDual shocks
Front tyre18-inch wheels100/80-17
Rear tyre18-inch wheels120/80-17
Front brake310mm Disc BrakeDisc brake
Rear brake240mm Disc BrakeOptional disc brake
ABSYesOptional dual channel

Transitioning to the braking domain, both motorcycles exhibit commendable braking systems that cater to safety and control. The Honda CB350, with its lighter build, showcases enhanced speed and superior handling, contributing to an overall capable braking performance. The braking system provides confidence-inspiring control, aligning with the CB350's positioning as a formidable competitor against the Classic 350.

Conversely, the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 introduces a redesigned front master cylinder, enhancing feel and progression in braking. While the rest of the braking system remains consistent with the Classic and Meteor models, the Hunter's improved front master cylinder contributes to a more nuanced and responsive braking experience. This refinement, coupled with the standard twin-channel ABS in the top Hunter Metro model, ensures effective stopping power during emergency situations.

Moving on to the riding dynamics, the Honda CB350 and Royal Enfield Hunter 350 navigate the road with distinctive characteristics, appealing to riders with diverse preferences. The CB350, with its softer suspension setup, delivers a plush and comfortable ride in various scenarios. However, as speeds increase, the front end may exhibit a degree of nervousness, requiring riders to find a balance between comfort and stability.

Contrastingly, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 strikes a harmonious balance in its suspension setup, offering an unflappable and confidence-inspiring ride even at higher speeds. The upright and 'king of the road' riding position further enhances stability, catering to riders seeking a relaxed and enjoyable journey.

The Hunter 350 introduces a firmer suspension compared to its siblings, contributing to a more responsive and controlled ride. Observations suggest that while the Hunter may be firmer than the Classic or Meteor, it maintains a balanced level of stiffness without becoming excessively rigid. This fine-tuned suspension setup adds to the overall appeal of the Hunter, providing riders with a dynamic and engaging riding experience.

Honda CB350 vs Royal Enfield Hunter 350: Dimensions

DimensionsHonda CB350Royal Enfield Hunter 350
Seat height800mm790mm
Ground clearance166mm150mm
Kerb weight181kg177kg
Fuel tank capacity15-litres13-litres

Beyond the nuances of performance, the dimensions of the Honda CB350 and Royal Enfield Hunter 350 play a pivotal role in shaping the riding experience. The CB350, weighing in at 181kg, strikes a commendable balance between nimbleness and agility. This weight, coupled with an upright and relaxed riding posture, creates a friendly environment for beginner riders, offering a comfortable experience for extended periods.

However, a minor inconvenience surfaces in the elevated angle of the heel and toe portion of the gear shifter. While riders find it more practical to utilize the toe side for seamless shifting in the 5-speed gearbox, this slight drawback highlights the importance of ergonomic considerations in the overall design.

In contrast, the Hunter 350, at 177kg, emerges as a lighter alternative to the Classic 350, with a weight difference that is not just on paper but noticeably felt during rides. The chassis alterations, including 17-inch wheels on both ends, a shorter wheelbase, and an increased steering rake angle, contribute to enhanced maneuverability. These modifications make the Hunter an appealing choice for riders of various heights and experience levels, offering not only a unique design but also improved handling dynamics.

Honda CB350 vs Royal Enfield Hunter 350: Price

PriceHonda CB350Royal Enfield Hunter 350
Ex-showroom DelhiRs 1,99,990 Rs 1,48,900 onwards 

Now while the CB350 is priced at a rather mouth-watering Rs 1,99,990, the Hunter 350 here takes the cake, and that too by a massive margin. Its Rs 1.49 lakh price tag makes it incredibly affordable and Royal Enfield has absolutely killed the pricing when it comes to the Hunter 350. 


In conventional metrics of acceleration, handling, and braking, the Honda CB350 emerges as the more capable motorcycle, positioning itself as a formidable competitor against the Classic 350. However, the Hunter 350, while not excelling in these conventional metrics, stands out as a faithful retro motorcycle. Seamlessly integrating retro charm with contemporary comforts, it resonates with riders seeking an authentic and emotionally connected journey. In the realm of retro motorcycles, the Hunter 350 becomes a standout choice, not just for its capabilities but for the unique experience it offers.