Honda H’ness CB350 Review: Friendly, Very Approachable

Honda H’ness CB350 Review: Friendly, Very Approachable

Reviews by Team Drivio | 9 May 2023

The Honda H’ness CB350 is here to challenge the Royal Enfield Classic 350 and the Hunter 350. 

  • The H’ness CB350 promises to be more sporty and fun than the Royal Enfields. 
  • It even packs more features and looks a tad bit better. 
  • The engine is a more powerful one as well. 

2020 was quite the year! It resulted in so many unexpected happenings that you'd prefer not to make predictions at all. Consider the new Honda H'ness CB350 as an example. Who would have imagined that the powerful Japanese company would attempt to compete with Royal Enfield in a market that it created and has dominated for centuries? Does the H'ness CB350 possess the necessary qualities to draw in this market's passionate, emotionally charged consumers? 

Honda H’ness CB350: Design & Features

The appearance of a motorcycle is the most prevalent feature that affects almost all purchasing decisions in this market, and Honda took this into consideration when designing the H'ness CB350. 

The big, broad gasoline tank that proudly displays a Honda insignia in the 1980s style as well as its Japanese heritage is what first catches your eye. The matte-chrome fenders, round LED headlamp, stepped single-piece seat, all-the-time lit turn indicators (as on American cars), and the tail lamp that is elegantly incorporated round out the historically accurate design. Additionally, those alloys enhance the motorcycle's sophisticated, modern-classic look.

The DLX Pro variant adds dual-tone paint, dual horns (with chrome covers), and the Bluetooth-enabled Honda Smart Voice Control (HSVC) system for an additional Rs 5,000. The small analogue-digital instrument cluster may be paired with a smartphone by the rider to get alerts for incoming calls, read out messages, and play music via a special Honda app. 

To use the feature as intended, one must attach aftermarket Bluetooth helmet speakers. Under the instrument cluster, Honda has also included a phone charging connector, however it is a modern Type-C socket and will need an adaptor if your charging cord has a standard USB port at one end.

Honda H’ness CB350: Engine Specs

SpecificationsHonda H’ness CB350
Engine348.36cc engine
Maximum power21.07PS
Maximum torque30Nm

The engine performance in actual use is the review's most crucial component at this point. Its exhaust note is impressively loud and raspy. It packs a noticeable thud but also sounds rather sporty when revved out, and it is louder than both the RE Meteor 350 and Classic 350. 

On paper, this certainly seems promising, and the performance data shows that this is a speedy motorcycle. 0-60 kph is reached in 4.32 seconds, and 100 kph is attained in 12.69 seconds. The H'ness CB350 can reach 120 kph rather easily and has an indicated top speed of just over 130 kph. 

Honda H’ness CB350: Chassis

SpecificationsHonda H’ness CB350
Front suspensionTelescopic Fork
Rear suspensionTwin Hydraulic Shocks
Front tyre100/90-19
Rear tyre130/70-18
Front brake310mm Disc Brake
Rear brake240mm Disc Brake

There is nothing particularly noteworthy about Honda's new cradle frame, telescopic fork, and twin-hydraulic shock absorber arrangement, which are typical of most modern-classic motorcycles in this sector. 

The riding and handling of the H'ness CB 350 are quite stable and neutral. Although the ride quality is a touch firmer than that of the rivals at low speeds, it doesn't change as the pace increases. Additionally, it does a nice job of isolating the occasional pothole. Overall, the configuration of the ride is well-considered but not luxurious.

Honda H’ness CB350: Dimensions

DimensionsHonda H’ness CB350
Seat height800mm
Ground clearance166mm
Kerb weight181kg
Fuel tank capacity15-litres

The H’ness CB350 feels nimble and agile on its feet, tipping into corners pretty well. That said, it’s not alarmingly tippy and very friendly for beginner riders. The 181kg kerb weight is pretty decent when compared to its chief rivals from Royal Enfield.

Honda H’ness CB350: Variants & Price

Honda H’ness CB350Price (Ex-showroom Delhi)
DLXRs 2,09,857
DLX ProRs 2,12,856
DLX Pro ChromeRs 2,14,856

The base DLX trim of the Honda CB350 H'Ness starts at about Rs 2,09,857. Costing Rs 2,12,856 (both ex-showroom, Delhi), the DLX Pro model. The DLX Pro version has a smartphone-compatible instrument cluster in addition to a more upscale dual-tone colour scheme. Retail price for the top-of-the-line Chrome Edition is Rs 2,14,856 (ex-showroom). 


The Honda H'ness CB350 is the result of meticulous analysis of the rivals and an attempt to outdo them by providing additional features. This motorbike appears to be a well-rounded product when the refined engine, planted dynamics, and the grandeur of the Honda name are added.

However, at Rs 2.09 lakh, it’s a whole lot more expensive than the base Royal Enfield Meteor 350. Nevertheless, whether or not they are Honda aficionados, many people will appreciate the motorcycle for what it is. Although it won't be available to everyone across the nation given Honda's plans to only sell it out of the Big Wing Dealership.