Jawa 350 vs Royal Enfield Classic 350: Specifications Compared

Jawa 350 vs Royal Enfield Classic 350: Specifications Compared

Reviews by Team Drivio | 23 Feb 2024

Both bikes have a long stroke, retro engine

  • Funnily, the Jawa 350 actually makes substantially less power than before
  • In terms of overall aesthetic appeal, the Jawa 350 isn’t a whole lot different than before
  • That said, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 beats the Jawa in terms of sheer road presence 

Jawa has recently unveiled its latest addition, the Jawa 350, aiming to compete head-to-head with the perennial favorite, the Royal Enfield Classic 350. However, the burning question remains: can it truly rival the Classic 350, renowned for its delightful engine performance, superior aesthetics, and impeccable attention to detail? To settle this debate, we embarked on a comparative ride, testing both motorcycles side by side.

Jawa 350 vs Royal Enfield Classic 350: Design & Features

Remaining faithful to its timeless Jawa design, the 350 model preserves its unique allure. Key features include the iconic circular halogen headlight, prominently positioned, along with spoked wheels adorned with tubed tires, a chrome-finished fuel tank, and the trademark dual exhausts. Noteworthy enhancements include the introduction of an eye-catching mystic orange paint option, an updated instrument cluster, and a redesigned seat.

In essence, the latest Jawa 350 stays true to its distinct character. The generous use of chrome and meticulous attention to detail radiates a sophisticated charm. Enhanced fit and finish represent a notable progression from previous Classic Legends iterations. Particularly commendable is the cable management across the bike. However, concerns linger regarding the legibility of the horizontally oriented speedometer, reminiscent of earlier Jawa models.

The design philosophy of the Royal Enfield Classic 350 pays homage to the origins of motorcycling, diverging from the intricacies of modern aesthetics. Adorned with its distinctive hooded headlight and majestic pilot lamps, the Classic 350 emanates an aura of regal elegance.

Upon closer examination, the Classic unveils meticulous design refinements, preserving its timeless silhouette while incorporating contemporary features like a semi-digital instrumentation pod, ensuring a clean and engaging front profile.

Jawa 350 vs Royal Enfield Classic 350: Engines

Specifications2024 Jawa 350Royal Enfield Classic 350
Engine334cc liquid-cooled engine349cc air-cooled 2-valve SOHC
Maximum Power22.57PS20.2PS
Maximum Torque28.1Nm27Nm

The Jawa 350 comes equipped with a 334cc liquid-cooled DOHC single-cylinder engine, boasting outputs of 22.5PS and 28.1Nm of torque. Paired with a 6-speed gearbox featuring a slip-and-assist clutch, it promises dynamic performance on the road.

Despite initial concerns about these specifications suggesting a downgrade, the new engine impresses with its ability to deliver peak power 750rpm earlier and peak torque 500rpm earlier than its predecessor, resulting in improved real-world performance.

Notably, the engine excels in low-end torque and tractability, facilitating seamless acceleration even at lower speeds. However, refinement could be refined further, with noticeable vibrations detected from the midrange onwards.

In response to the larger engine, Jawa claims to have enhanced the cooling system. However, during testing, instances of high temperature warnings and minor coolant overflow were encountered, alongside a persistent check engine light in traffic conditions. Despite these challenges, the bike continued to deliver performance without significant constraints.

Delving into the core of these machines, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 distinguishes itself with its long-stroke J-platform engine, delivering ample low-end torque for a relaxed and unhurried journey. The engine's performance seamlessly combines low-end power with a surprising surge higher up the rev range, free from vibrations or a diminishing power band. The Classic's distinctive thump, though deeper compared to its predecessor, maintains a rhythmic rhythm, particularly enjoyable at lower RPMs. So, if you're seeking an authentic retro roadster with an easy-going riding experience, the Classic 350 unquestionably presents a compelling argument. The torque-rich ride experience is truly captivating.

While neither of these motorcycles prioritises aggressive cornering, both the Jawa and the Royal Enfield Classic 350 demonstrate adept handling, instilling confidence in riders, particularly when navigating bends. The lighter Jawa offers effortless steering, delivering a natural and responsive feel. Conversely, the Classic demands a bit more input but maintains stability when leaned over, appealing to riders who relish a more engaging riding experience.

The suspension setup significantly influences the riding dynamics of each bike. The Classic features a softer suspension, ensuring a plush and comfortable ride across various terrains. However, at higher speeds, the front end may feel less secure, exhibiting some instability. In contrast, the Jawa's suspension strikes a harmonious balance, providing a composed and assured ride even during brisk cruising. Additionally, its upright and commanding riding position further enhances stability, making it the preferred choice for riders seeking a relaxed and enjoyable journey.

Looking beyond their aesthetics and performance, the dimensions of these motorcycles play a significant role in their overall appeal. The Classic strikes a fine balance between manoeuvrability and agility, making it welcoming for novice riders. Its riding posture epitomises comfort and relaxation, aligning perfectly with the ethos of leisurely cruising. The broad and level seat, paired with user-friendly controls, fosters a pleasurable riding experience that can be sustained throughout the day.

However, a minor inconvenience arises from the elevated angle of the heel and toe section of the gear shifter, which can be slightly cumbersome. Many riders have found it more practical to utilise the toe side for smoother shifting in the 5-speed gearbox. For those considering a pillion passenger, the Classic offers a spacious and comfortable seat suitable for short to medium rides. While adequate for shorter journeys, the seat may lack optimal support for extended periods, necessitating periodic breaks to enhance overall comfort.

Jawa 350 vs Royal Enfield Classic 350: Suspension, Tyres & Brakes

Specifications2024 Jawa 350Royal Enfield Classic 350
Front suspensionTelescopic Fork41mm Telescopic Fork
Rear suspensionMonoshockTwin Shocks
Front tyre18-inch wheels100/90-19
Rear tyre18-inch wheels120/80-18
Front brakeDisc Brake300mm Disc
Rear brakeDisc Brake270mm Disc/ 153mm Drum
ABS Dual channel Dual-channel is optional

In the suspension department, the Jawa 350 boasts a 35mm telescopic fork at the front and twin shock absorbers at the rear. Handling braking duties are a 280mm disc brake upfront and a 240mm disc brake at the rear, both equipped with dual-channel ABS as standard. The motorcycle sports a 100-section front tyre on an 18-inch wheel and a 130-section rear tyre on a 17-inch wheel, both utilising tubed tyres. Its specifications comprise a kerb weight of 194kg, a seat height of 790mm, a ground clearance of 178mm, and a fuel tank capacity of 13.2 litres.

The Jawa 350 comes with a slip-and-assist clutch, delivering seamless operation. The clutch lever provides a light and modulated feel, even in heavy traffic situations. The 6-speed gearbox ensures precise shifts. While the braking performance meets expectations, there is noticeable front-end dive during aggressive braking. Notable standard features include dual-channel ABS, hazard lights, dual horn, two trip meters, and a side stand engine cut-off.

Jawa 350 vs Royal Enfield Classic 350: Dimensions

With a revamped chassis design, the Jawa 350 enjoys a lengthier wheelbase of 1449mm, courtesy of an elongated swingarm. Suspension tweaks have led to a rise in seat height, from 765mm to 790mm, and an elevation in ground clearance, from 165mm to 178mm.

Jawa 350 vs Royal Enfield Classic 350: Price

Price2024 Jawa 350Royal Enfield Classic 350
Ex-showroom DelhiRs 2,14,950Rs 1.92 lakh onwards 

Jawa has priced its flagship bike, the Jawa 350 at Rs 2,14,950, ex-showroom Delhi. Royal Enfield, on the other hand, has priced its evergreen bike, the Classic 350, from Rs 1.92 lakh onwards. 


Priced at Rs 2.15 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), the latest Jawa 350 commands an Rs 11,000 premium over its predecessor, now equipped with dual-channel ABS. Given the significant enhancements, this price hike seems warranted. However, it positions the Jawa 350 in direct competition with the Royal Enfield Classic 350, retailing between Rs 1.93 lakh and Rs 2.25 lakh.

The introduction of the new Jawa 350 marks a significant step forward for Classic Legends, offering a fusion of distinctive design, refined handling, and enhanced attention to detail. Consequently, it presents a more enticing option than its predecessor.