Matter Aera 5000+ First Ride Review

Matter Aera 5000+ First Ride Review

Reviews by Team Drivio | 21 Feb 2024

The Matter Aera actually has a gearbox, the first electric bike in India to have one

  • In terms of design, the Matter Aera looks quite unique
  • The Aera 5000 boasts a 105kmph top speed
  • As for the real-world range, it’s around 125km

The Matter Aera stands out among electric vehicles (EVs) for two distinct reasons. Firstly, it claims the title of India's premier EV two-wheeler featuring a liquid-cooled powertrain and battery pack, a departure from the prevalent air cooling even in high-performance models like the Ultraviolette F77. However, it's the second attribute that truly distinguishes this machine: it boasts four gears akin to a traditional petrol motorcycle.

Hailing from Gujarat, the start-up Matter aims to cater to riders transitioning from conventional motorcycles to EVs, evident in the Aera's meticulous design, crafted to emulate the appearance of a standard motorcycle upon initial inspection.

Matter Aera: Design & Features

Loaded with an array of features, the Matter Aera 5000 leaves little to be desired. It embraces modern connectivity with 4G compatibility, keyless operation, a seven-inch LCD touchscreen display complete with onboard navigation, and a nine-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). 

Furthermore, it boasts LED lighting throughout, including a multifunctional LED projector. Advanced connectivity functionalities such as accident detection and automated call response while riding are seamlessly integrated. Owners can leverage the specialized smartphone application to monitor various metrics, including charge status, location, and ride analysis.

The electric motor and gearbox take up the customary engine space, presenting an appearance akin to a traditional combustion engine to the untrained eye. The bodywork maintains a conventional aesthetic, featuring broad tank panels reminiscent of models like Apaches and Xtremes, varying with the viewing angle. A notable departure is the headlamp, distinguished by its unique illuminated side panels, imbuing a futuristic allure.

Upon mounting the bike, the rider encounters a familiar seating position, offering a sense of normalcy. The accommodating 790mm seat height caters to both shorter and taller riders alike. Notably, the instrument console stands out as a hallmark of modernity and sophistication.

Matter Aera: Motor & Range

Specifications  Matter Aera
Top Speed105kmph

Propelled by an IP65-rated 10.5kW liquid-cooled mid-mounted motor, the Matter Aera 5000 delivers an impressive 520Nm of torque at the wheel. Accompanying this powerhouse is a 5kWh liquid-cooled battery pack, offering a claimed range between 125km to 150km, contingent on the variant. It supports both standard and fast-charging via a universal connector, complemented by a standard onboard 1kW charger. 

Charging convenience extends to compatibility with a standard 5A, three-pin plug point found in most households. Utilizing the onboard charger, the Aera can be replenished in under five hours. Suspension duties are handled by a telescopic fork in conjunction with dual gas-charged shocks. Braking prowess is assured with disc brakes on both ends, bolstered by dual-channel ABS for added safety.

Matter Aera: Suspension

SpecificationsMatter Aera
Front SuspensionUSD Fork
Rear SuspensionPreload-adjustable Shock Absorbers
Front Tyre90/80-17
Rear Tyre120/80-17
Front brakeDisc Brake
Rear brakeDisc Brake

The primary contributing factor is weight. Weighing in at 169kg, the Aera is nearly 30 kilos heavier than the Tork Kratos and significantly heavier than electric scooters like the Revolt RV400. While the Matter bike incorporates efficiency-enhancing features like liquid cooling and a four-speed gearbox, these advantages are offset by the added weight.

Matter Aera: Dimensions

Equipped with disc brakes at both ends, the Aera boasts standard single-channel ABS, an improvement over competitors like the Tork and Revolt. However, the initial bite on the front brake feels muted, necessitating a firm pull for rapid stops.

During our test rides on pre-production prototypes, we encountered typical issues such as inconsistent finish quality and notable panel gaps. Additionally, one bike experienced unexpected shutdowns during the ride, requiring intervention from engineers with a laptop to rectify the issue. Matter attributes this to an "earthing detection around the horn area on the low voltage side activating a programmed fault protection in the vehicle." The company assures that production models will address this fault.

Matter Aera: Price

Matter AeraRs 1.74 lakh onwards 

The Matter Aera 5000 is competitively priced at Rs. 1,43,999, while the Aera 5000+ variant commands Rs. 1,53,999, both prices reflecting ex-showroom rates inclusive of the FAME II subsidy. Pricing details for the Aera 4000 and 6000+ models are slated for future announcements.


Matter aims to commence production by the end of the current quarter or early in the following quarter, with initial deliveries slated for Ahmedabad. The company targets expanding its dealership presence to 100 cities by the end of the financial year. The Aera is offered in two variants, with the base model featuring the comprehensive hardware, including the sophisticated 7-inch TFT display, albeit lacking certain connected features. Pricing starts at Rs 1.74 lakh for the Matter Aera 5000, escalating to Rs 1.84 lakh for the Aera 5000+ variant.

This pricing places the bike in league with petrol-powered counterparts such as the Yamaha R15, Karizma XMR, and Honda CB300F, as well as the Tork Kratos R. The critical question now revolves around Matter's ability to scale up production and ensure quality, and how consumers will embrace this unconventional concept of a geared EV. Only time will unveil the verdict.