Oben Rorr Review: Good Range And Fun Electric Bike.

Oben Rorr Review: Good Range And Fun Electric Bike.

Reviews by Team Drivio | 31 Jul 2023

At Rs 99,999, the Oben Rorr is quite a competitively-priced motorcycle. 

  • The Oben Rorr’s 10kW motor propels it to 40kmph in under 3 seconds
  • Its range, on the other hand, is a solid 200km. 
  • In terms of looks, the Rorr adopts a neo-retro design. 

In the ever-expanding market of electric two-wheelers, it's challenging for new players to make a mark. However, Bengaluru-based start-up Oben Electric has managed to stand out with its latest offering, the Rorr electric motorcycle. 

Priced at Rs 1 lakh (ex-showroom, after subsidies) in Maharashtra, it is significantly more affordable by Rs 30,000 compared to the Ola S1 Pro, and about Rs 40,000 cheaper than both the Ather 450X and the recently launched Tork Kratos R e-bikes.

Oben Rorr Review: Design & Features

The Rorr electric motorcycle lacks many of the advanced features found in newer electric two-wheelers, such as TFT displays, speakers, cruise control, and reverse mode. Instead, it offers a basic colored negative LCD display with essential information, along with eSIM and app connectivity. Additionally, it includes LED lighting, an anti-theft system, but not much else in terms of features.

Unfortunately, the Rorr comes across as a crude product, especially when compared to other electric two-wheelers in the same price range. It shows signs of being built to a cost, with noticeable quality issues in castings and rough surface finishes on metal components. 

The switchgear and LCD display suffer from glitches and operational bugs. During testing, some bikes had non-functional horns, and the display experienced flickering and restarting while riding. Poor design choices are evident too, like cables getting pinched against the bodywork when turning the handlebar to full lock. 

Oben Rorr Review: Motor & Range

Specifications  Oben Rorr
Top Speed100kmph

From the rider's perspective, the Rorr electric motorcycle delivers impressive performance. In its Havoc mode, it feels like one of the fastest electric two-wheelers on the road. Oben claims a 0 to 40kph acceleration in just 3 seconds, and it maintains brisk acceleration up to about 80kph, after which it gradually tapers off. Nevertheless, it can reach and slightly surpass a speedo-indicated 100kph. 

Even in the middle City mode, the bike exhibits strong acceleration, allowing it to keep up with traffic effortlessly. The top speed is limited to a reasonable 70kph, making City mode suitable for most real-world riding situations.

Despite the satisfying overall performance, there are some issues with the throttle calibration that need improvement. Particularly in the Havoc mode, the problem becomes more noticeable. Off-on transitions can result in significant lurching, and slight twists of the grip can lead to disproportionate motor responses. The bike tends to surge forward even with light pressure on the grip, making it challenging to maintain a smooth and steady speed in this mode. 

Oben Rorr Review: Chassis

SpecificationsOben Rorr
Front SuspensionTelescopic Fork
Rear SuspensionMonoshock
Front Tyre90/80-17
Rear Tyre120/80-27
Front brake240mm disc
Rear brake240mm disc

Once in motion, you'll find yourself shifting focus from the bike's poor quality levels to its well-engineered chassis. The Rorr boasts a trellis frame, supported by a telescopic fork and monoshock suspension, providing a stable and confident ride, even at its top speed of 100kph.

Around corners, the Rorr exhibits natural and predictable behavior, making it a fairly nimble and pleasant-handling machine, especially considering its performance and price. However, the suspension setup leans towards the firm side, enhancing stability and handling but compromising on smoothing out bumps and potholes at city speeds. 

This can lead to some discomfort as road imperfections are transmitted to the rider's backside. For improved city riding, Oben would do well to consider softening the spring and/or damping rates.

Oben Rorr Review: Dimensions

DimensionsOben Rorr
Seat height814mm
Ground clearance230mm
Kerb weight130kg

The Rorr's riding position leans slightly towards the sporty side, with feet positioned a bit backward and higher up. However, this doesn't lead to cramped legs and instead feels engaging. One drawback is the seat, which has a steep forward slope and a slippery surface, causing the rider to keep sliding towards the 'fuel tank.' This aspect could be improved for a more comfortable riding experience.

Oben Rorr Review: Price

The Oben Rorr electric motorcycle is now priced at Rs 99,999, exclusive of state subsidies, and is offered in a single variant.


Oben has lived up to its claims regarding acceleration, performance, and range with the Rorr electric motorcycle. The competitive pricing, coupled with impressive hardware and handling, sets it apart from rivals.

However, there are some drawbacks, mainly concerning the overall quality, which falls short in several areas. Though it's understood that this isn't the final version, significant improvements are needed to enhance the riding experience. Despite these concerns, there is immense potential in the Oben Rorr, and it could potentially become the top electric motorcycle in India.