Royal Enfield Scram 411 Reviewed: A Stripped-down Himalayan

Royal Enfield Scram 411 Reviewed: A Stripped-down Himalayan

Reviews by Team Drivio | 19 Jun 2023

But, is there more to the Scram 411 than it being a Himalayan underneath?

  • The Scram 411 features a smaller 19-inch front wheel but the same 411cc engine
  • Its prices begin from Rs 2.03 lakh, ex-showroom. 
  • The Scram 411, hence, goes up against the likes of the Yezdi Scrambler and the Honda CB350RS.

Before the new Scram 411 motorcycle was launched, a lot of information about it was already known, including its specifications. Royal Enfield's goal with this bike was to make a version of the Himalayan that is easier to handle and more suitable for city riding, but can also handle some off-road adventures.

As a result, the design changes not only make the Scram 411 look less serious, but it also appears to be shorter than the Himalayan. But is that all to it? We had a chance to ride it and here’s what we thought about it: 

Royal Enfield Scram 411: Design & Features

The Royal Enfield Scram is a bike that is based on the Himalayan, but the manufacturer made a few changes to its design to make it look more like a scrambler than an adventure bike. Instead of the Himalayan's 21-inch front wheel, it has a slightly smaller 19-inch front wheel.

The body panels are simpler, and it has off-road features like serrated foot-pegs and a high-mounted exhaust, just like the Himalayan. The bike has round rear view mirrors and uses all-halogen lighting, including a round headlight and indicator units. Even the taillight is similar to the Himalayan. It has stylish side panels, a single-seat, modern badges, and a slightly offset console.

The Royal Enfield Scram 411 has a partly digital instrument cluster, similar to the Meteor 350. It has an analog speedometer with indicator lights, and a digital inset that shows the trip distance, total distance, gear position, service reminders, fuel level, and a clock. The motorcycle also offers an optional Tripper navigation system powered by Google Maps, which provides turn-by-turn directions.

Royal Enfield Scram 411: Engine

SpecificationsRoyal Enfield Scram 411
Engine411cc engine
Maximum power24.3PS
Maximum torque32Nm

The Scram 411 features the familiar 411cc long-stroke engine, which also powers the Himalayan. It produces the same output of 24.3PS and 32Nm, but Royal Enfield claims to have adjusted the ignition timing to give it a slightly livelier performance. 

However, during our initial ride, we didn't notice a significant difference compared to the Himalayan, unlike the noticeable contrast between the Meteor 350 and Classic 350. We plan to address this further when we conduct a comprehensive road test of the Scram.

Unfortunately, the gear shifts are still clunky, similar to the Himalayan, and the clutch action remains heavy. There is a slight improvement in smoothness, but that might be due to the fact that the units we rode were relatively new and hadn't been fully broken in yet.

Royal Enfield Scram 411: Chassis

SpecificationsRoyal Enfield Scram 411
Front suspensionTelescopic Fork
Rear suspensionMono shock
Front tyre100/90-19
Rear tyre120/90-17
Front brakeDisc Brake
Rear brakeDisc Brake

Royal Enfield has successfully achieved the seemingly impossible by further enhancing the rider's triangle for improved comfort and ease of riding. By adjusting the handlebars, bringing them 20mm closer to the rider and lowering them by 60mm, they have enhanced the leverage and overall riding experience. 

Royal Enfield Scram 411: Dimensions

DimensionsRoyal Enfield Scram 411
Seat height795mm
Ground clearance200mm
Kerb weight185kg
Fuel tank capacity15-litres

While the seat height of the Scram 411 has only been reduced by a mere 5mm on paper, there's a good reason for this seemingly minor adjustment. The seat has undergone a significant transformation with the introduction of a single-piece design and thicker foam padding. This reprofiling ensures that riders no longer sink deeply into the saddle, providing a more comfortable experience during long rides. Additionally, the revamped seat offers ample space for larger riders to maneuver and find a comfortable position while riding the Scram 411.

Royal Enfield Scram 411: Price 

The Royal Enfield Scram 411 is available in one version, but it offers several color choices at different prices. Apart from the different colors, everything else, like the engine and features, remains the same for all options. Prices for it begin from Rs 2.03 lakh, ex-showroom. 


The Royal Enfield Scram 411 is priced starting from Rs 2.03 lakh and goes up to Rs 2.08 lakh (ex-showroom, Chennai). This makes it cheaper than the Himalayan, which starts at Rs 2.15 lakh (ex-showroom). In terms of its sound, ride, and overall feel, the Scram 411 is quite similar to the Himalayan, which is a good thing.

However, the Scram 411 has a more attractive appearance, with a youthful vibe, and it aligns with Royal Enfield's goal of being more user-friendly and accessible. If you're looking for a rugged motorcycle but prefer not to have a full-fledged adventure-style bike, the Scram offers an interesting alternative.