Simple One Review: The Perfect Ather 450X Rival!

Simple One Review: The Perfect Ather 450X Rival!

Reviews by Team Drivio | 25 May 2023

Its 4.8kWh battery pack claims a huge 236km range. 

  • The claim range is the highest among all e-scooters at present in India. 
  • It rides on large, chunky 12-inch wheels. 
  • Disc brakes at both ends isn’t something we usually find on scooters in India. 

Because of its claimed performance and range that are among the best in its class, the Simple One has been one of the most eagerly awaited electric scooters in India. We did, however, ride the electric scooter on a confined circuit over a year after it was introduced. Here are some things we liked and didn't like about the Simple One's pre-production unit:

Simple One: Design & Features

Designing the One was a futuristic and minimalist endeavour for Simple. Yes, there are many clear design parallels to the Ather 450X, particularly with the triangle headlight. It does, however, have a sharp tail unit and a flared body with several cuts. The grab grip is very substantial and thick.

The Simple One boasts Bluetooth navigation, a 7-inch instrument console, and an LED headlamp from Simple Energy. Additionally, you can store documents, make phone calls, and listen to music. OTA updates, geo-fencing, a tyre pressure monitoring system, vehicle tracking, and other features are also included with the Simple One. A 4G LTE sim and Bluetooth are included in the connectivity features. 

Simple One: Motor Specs

Specifications  Simple One
Top Speed105kmph

A 4.8kWh lithium-ion battery powers the Simple One Standard model, which advertises a 236km (Indian Driving Cycle) range in Eco mode. The peak speed, meanwhile, is stated to be 105kmph. It has, however, added a new battery option with a 6.4 kWh battery and a claimed IDC range of more than 300 kilometres. The One, according to the EV manufacturer, can accelerate from 0 to 40 kph in 2.85 seconds, making it the fastest scooter available for purchase in India.

The Simple One's promised performance was one of its best features, and the business has done a good job of delivering on it in practice. Unlike Ola, the 'Eco' mode on Uber is usable in cities and has a top speed of 45 kph. Even the 'Sonic' mode is thrilling, and in this mode, we were able to reach a speedo-indicated 104 kmph on the short stretch. To facilitate speedy overtaking, we would have preferred if the tuning of the modes had been slightly varied for early acceleration.

Simple One: Chassis

SpecificationsSimple One
Front SuspensionTelescopic Fork
Rear SuspensionMonoshock
Front Tyre110/80-12
Rear Tyre110/80-12
Front brakeDisc Brake
Rear brakeDisc Brake

The Simple One has impressive performance but its chassis is just as strong. Simple has given careful consideration to the riding characteristics, even if we won't know much about the suspension until we put it to the test on a real road. The e-scooter is incredibly light and simple to steer. You always feel a part of and in charge of the One, whether you're accelerating quickly or turning.

Last but not least, the retardation offered is consistent with the performance credentials. The components definitely feel similar to those on the Ather 450X, but they don't feel at all like the Gen-2 scooter. It takes little effort to brake, the input is just right for modulating the brakes. 

Simple One: Dimensions

DimensionsSimple One
Seat height796mm
Ground clearance164mm
Kerb weight134kg

The Simple One's defences have a flaw in the overall quality and level of fit and finish. The e-scooter had uneven fitment and shoddy edge finishing all over. Even the rear brake line was routed in such a way that it would be pinched when riding with a passenger. But Simple has guaranteed that these problems would be resolved once the scooter is put into production.

Now that we are getting into nit-pick territory, the seat of the Simple One presents another little problem. Under strong braking, the contoured structure's peculiar slant compels you to slip forward. There is adequate room for the pillion passenger, but more space would have been nice, especially given the performance. 

Simple One: Price

For the regular colour schemes, the Simple One costs Rs 1.45 lakh, and for the X dual-tone colour schemes, it costs Rs 1.50 lakh (ex-showroom Bengaluru, including the most recent FAME-II incentives). 


After riding the One this year, Simple appears to have been trying hard to live up to the lofty expectations it made last year. The One has an eye-catching look, performance that might seriously threaten the competition, and is supported by a tonne of cutting-edge features and powerful hardware.

These pre-production machines were very poorly constructed, but as a young company, it may not be possible to satisfy certain quality standards right away. However, given that the brand has its foundations covered, we anticipate an improvement in the manufacturing model's quality.

Simple plans to ship the item by Diwali this year, and if it lives up to its claims, the premium e-scooter market may have a new leader. This is especially true given that Simple is providing a promising package like this.