Superbikes Are Slowly Enjoying India’s Thriving Market

Superbikes Are Slowly Enjoying India’s Thriving Market

Reviews by Ankur Bhardwaj | 25 Apr 2023

Companies like Kawasaki, Triumph, Ducati and Honda have all raked in good sales when it comes to their big bikes. 

  • Likes of the Kawasaki Z900 and the Suzuki Hayabusa have been some of the best-sellers.
  • European brands like BMW sell their limited edition bikes here too.
  • We even have supercharged beasts like the Kawasaki Ninja H2R.

The country's demand for high-end bikes with engine capacities ranging from 500cc to 800cc is rising as a result of rising spending power, a desire for premium brands, and changing lifestyles. Furthermore, biking is becoming more popular among millennials, which was not the case ten years ago due to fewer brands available.

According to SIAM data, sales of motorbikes with engine capacities ranging from 500cc to 800cc increased 130% to 8,264 units in FY19, up from 3,585 units in the previous year, and this figure has only exponentially gone up over the past couple of years.

Now while that might surprise a lot of you, given the financial issues most people went through, in the pandemic, there's a twist. India’s purchasing power has definitely gone up over the past couple of years and the pandemic has only accentuated people’s wants. 

Why Are Superbikes Gaining Popularity? 

Superbikes are popular in India for a number of reasons: 

  1. They’re extremely aspirational
  2. Killer looks
  3. Extremely thrilling performance
  4. Filled to the brim with technology
  5. They’re mile munchers; can cover long distances easily

The 10 Most Expensive Bikes In India: 

  1. Kawasaki Ninja H2R
  2. BMW M 1000 RR
  3. Indian Roadmaster
  4. Honda Goldwing Tour
  5. Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special
  6. Indian Chieftain Dark Horse/Chieftain Limited
  7. Honda CBR1000RR-R
  8. Indian Springfield
  9. Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special
  10. Harley-Davidson Road King

10 Things To Keep In Mind Before Getting One For Yourself: 

These things said, it’s not all flowery stuff for superbikes owners, especially in a country like India. So here are 10 things you must know before buying one: 

        1)  They will heat up

Superbikes may get very hot very quickly. Even liquid-cooling systems require moving air to reduce coolant temperature. The slow-moving, congested Indian roadways are not conducive to superbikes. 

        2)  They will take SOME handling

Superbikes are hefty, and if you've always ridden motorbikes but have never tried a superbike, you're in for a surprise. Manoeuvring a superbike at slow speeds can be difficult. Lane splitting or performing a U-Turn on a superbike will necessitate prior superbike experience.

        3)  Good fuel is of utmost importance

In India, the quality of fuel can vary greatly. All of the superbikes have high-compression engines that require premium, high-octane fuel. And such fuel is difficult to come by in India, even in major cities. To improve the performance of their superbikes, many owners add pricey octane boosters in their fuel.

        4)  Buying tyres can be expensive

Because superbikes are so strong, the right tyre compound is critical for optimal traction and grip. Because of the power and torque generated by the engine, superbikes can inflict excessive wear and tear on the tyres. The tyres are highly expensive, and because they only last about 10,000 kilometres, they can add to the cost of maintaining the motorcycle.

        5)  Public parking will give you anxiety

Superbikes get a lot of attention. Finding safe parking in a public location can often be difficult. It is fairly popular for people to pose, take pictures, and toy with such superbikes, which is why finding a safe parking area in India is difficult.

       6)  Are they even practical? 

Superbikes, like Supersports litre-class machines, are just not viable for Indian roads. These motorcycles simply cannot be used to their full extent. The adventure class of high-end bikes, such as the Multistrada, Tiger, RG, and even the Africa Twin, is ideal for Indian roads. Aside from them, track-tools like the Ninja ZX10R are difficult to ride on India's potholed roads.

       7)  They require a LOT more maintenance

Expensive superbikes have exorbitant maintenance costs. Superbikes have a shorter service life, owing to road conditions, dust, and pollution. Also, finding OEM components can be difficult. Any accident may require the motorbike to be serviced for several days, if not weeks.

      8)  Attention-grabbing machines

Superbikes, like flashy objects, draw a lot of attention. They attract a lot of attention because of their loud exhaust, brilliant colours, and overall large appearance. It can be tough to park the bike alongside the road in peace with superbikes. Even stopping at stop signs might make you feel like a celebrity.

       9)  You need the skills

Superbikes can be difficult to control. It necessitates a strong skill set as well as specialised instruction. Unfortunately, there aren't many certified institutions in India that can provide you with proper superbike training. California Superbike School did hold a few classes in India, but none have been held since the outbreak.

       10)  Gear is supremely important

You will need to get a nice helmet, a riding suit, gloves, and riding boots. Instead of going for the cheapest option, they should be of the highest quality. This is a pricey venture, but it will only safeguard you in the event of the unavoidable. Also, storing them when going out is difficult because you must remove the gear when you arrive at your destination.