Triumph Speed 400 vs Bajaj Dominar 400: Top 400cc In The Segment Face-Off

Triumph Speed 400 vs Bajaj Dominar 400: Top 400cc In The Segment Face-Off

Reviews by Team Drivio | Aug 23, 2023

Both bikes arise from Bajaj’s plant in Chakan. 

  • The Speed 400’s 398cc engine making 40PS and 37.5Nm isn’t very far away from the Domainer's 373cc one
  • A Rs 2.33 lakh price tag means the Speed is only a bit more expensive than the Dominar 400
  • The Speed 400, though, looks a lot slimmer and narrower than the Dominar 400. 

Triumph introduced the Speed 400 a while ago and it’ll be seen on Indian roads soon. Now even though it might not seem like it, the Bajaj Dominar 400 is the most similar bike to the Triumph Speed 400 when you look at their features. What's interesting is that both these bikes, the Bajaj Dominar 400 and the Triumph Speed 400, are made by the same company, Bajaj Auto. So, let's take a quick look at how the Triumph Speed 400 compares to the Bajaj Dominar 400.

Triumph Speed 400 vs Bajaj Dominar 400: Design & Features

The Triumph Speed 400 looks really cool with a mix of modern and classic design. It uses round shapes in different places, like the round headlight, sleek taillight, and turn signals. The fuel tank blends smoothly into the seat, and the back of the bike looks neat with a wide rear tyre and a raised exhaust.

This bike has a bunch of high-tech stuff too. It uses LED lights all around, and there are mirrors on the ends of the handlebars. For safety, it has smart features like adjustable traction control and Bosch's dual-channel ABS system.

The screen in the middle of the handlebars shows a bunch of useful info like what gear you're in, how far you can go before needing gas, and different indicator lights. Even though it doesn't connect to your phone or give you directions, it's still really handy. Further, they even put a USB-C charging port on the handlebars, so you can keep your gadgets powered up while you ride.

Bajaj describes the Dominar 400 as a power-cruiser, which means it's not as compact and sharp as your typical streetfighter bike. It has a bit of a laid-back style, with a slightly angled front end. The main standout features are its sharp LED headlight and the strong-looking fuel tank. The bike's look is topped off by the cool double-barrel exhaust.

Bajaj Dominar 400 is built to give you a touring vibe. That's why you'll notice it has a tall windscreen, guards for your hands, a plate to protect the underside, and a small cushion at the back of the rear carrier. If you want a place to attach bags, you can get an extra accessory called the saddle stay. The Dominar 400 uses LED lights all over, and its instrument panel is modern and digital, with two screens. 

Triumph Speed 400 vs Bajaj Dominar 400: Engines

SpecificationsTriumph Speed 400Bajaj Dominar 400
Engine398cc liquid-cooled engine373cc liquid-cooled engine
Maximum power40PS40PS
Maximum torque37.5Nm35Nm

Triumph went for a modern engine setup in the Speed 400. This bike runs on a 398cc engine that's cooled by liquid, which is a new design for this model. The folks at Triumph say that a big chunk of its power – more than 30Nm out of the total 37.5Nm – is ready to go from a really low 3000rpm. You can actually feel this when you ride because the bike gets a big burst of speed after hitting 3000rpm due to all that torque. 

When they tested the bike on Bajaj's Chakan test track, the rider managed to hit a speed of 160kmph, according to the speedometer. At this speed, the Speed 400 felt super smooth and stable. If there was a really straight road that went on for a while, the bike could even reach a max speed of 175kmph, putting it in the same league as the KTM 390 Duke. 

Even though it's not as intense as the KTM, the Speed 400 is still really exciting to ride. This is all thanks to how nimble and easily it handles, making the ride quite dynamic and fun.

Triumph Speed 400 vs Bajaj Dominar 400: Suspension, Tyres & Brakes

SpecificationsTriumph Speed 400Bajaj Dominar 400
Front suspensionInverted ForkInverted Fork
Rear suspensionMonoshockMonoshock
Front tyre17-inch alloys17-inch alloys
Rear tyre17-inch alloys17-inch alloys
Front brakeDisc BrakeDisc Brake
Rear brakeDisc BrakeDisc Brake
ABSDual-channel ABSDual-channel ABS

The Triumph Speed 400 is designed to give riders a great mix of sportiness and comfort. It's really good at finding the right balance between these two things, making sure that people enjoy their rides. The special suspension, which includes a cleverly set up front fork and a single rear shock, helps the bike glide smoothly over all sorts of Indian road surfaces. This means that even when the roads are rough and have big bumps, the bike stays steady and handles those challenges well.

No matter how tough the road gets, with all its ups and downs, the motorcycle stays confident and handles those bumpy roads really well. It doesn't get all shaky or lose control. What's cool is that the bike is built to be comfortable for all kinds of riders, no matter their size or shape. So, whether you're tall or short, the Speed 400 is made to give you a comfy and easy ride every time you hit the road.

Triumph Speed 400 vs Bajaj Dominar 400: Dimensions

DimensionsTriumph Speed 400Bajaj Dominar 400
Ground clearanceNA157mm
Kerb weight170kg193kg
Fuel tank capacity13-litres13-litres
Seat height790mm800mm

Despite weighing just 170kg, it's remarkably easy to maneuver. This makes it one of the top choices in its category for being nimble and easy to control. Plus, the seat isn't too high – it's 790mm from the ground – which means all kinds of riders, whether they're tall or short, can comfortably ride it.

For those who like going on long rides, there's a really practical feature: the bike has a 13-liter fuel tank. This might not sound like a big deal, but it actually means you don't have to stop for gas as often. That gives you the freedom to go on longer journeys without worrying about running out of fuel. So, you can explore far and wide, making memories that stick around for a while.

Triumph Speed 400 vs Bajaj Dominar 400: Price 

PriceTriumph Speed 400Bajaj Dominar 400
Ex-showroom DelhiRs 2.33 lakh Rs 2.29 lakh

The Triumph Speed 400 carries a mouth-watering price tag of Rs 2.33 lakh. Bajaj, on the other hand, has priced the Dominar 400 at Rs 2,29,781, both ex-showroom Delhi. 


The Triumph Speed 400 has really raised the bar in its category by combining the best of two worlds: the classic and the modern. It's quick, thrilling, and still has that old-school charm that we really enjoy!

Now, talking about the money side of things, Triumph didn't compromise on quality to save costs. That's why the price is a very reasonable Rs 2.33 lakh (excluding taxes and fees) for folks in Delhi. This price is like the cherry on top of the already amazing cake that the Triumph Speed 400 is.

Bajaj has made significant improvements with the recent updates to the Dominar. They've resolved many of the issues that previously kept us from really liking the bike. Honestly, we think Bajaj should have introduced the Dominar 400 with these changes back in 2017. But hey, it's better late than never, isn't it?

While these upgrades have transformed the bike into a much better option for cruising on highways compared to its older version, it still feels a bit pale when compared to the Speed. So if you’re stuck between the two, we’d definitely recommend the Speed over the Dominar 400.