TVS Apache RP165 Review: Is It Race-ready Now?

TVS Apache RP165 Review: Is It Race-ready Now?

Reviews by Team Drivio | Jun 27, 2023

We find out if a more powerful engine and some cosmetic changes are enough to make the Apache ready to race! 

  • The Apache RP165 makes more power than the Yamaha R15 V4. 
  • TVS has also decked it with this very special racing livery. 
  • In terms of underpinnings, it’s the same Apache RTR 160 4V underneath. 

Limited to just 200 units, all of TVS Apache RP165’s stock was sold out within a week. This exclusive bike, the TVS Apache RP165, was designed to demonstrate the prowess of TVS Racing, the company's motorsport division responsible for making TVS the most accomplished motorcycle manufacturer in India's racing scene. Now, let's explore how the RP165 ensures TVS' continued dominance in the national road racing series for years to come.

TVS Apache RP165: Design & Features

If you're one of the fortunate individuals who managed to purchase one of the 200 bikes, you won't have any trouble making a statement. Although the RP shares its design with the 160 4V, it sports a unique and rather vibrant colour and graphics scheme. 

The combination of red, white, and blue is a classic choice that rarely disappoints, and it's executed beautifully on this bike, featuring a sleek matte finish. It's certainly eye-catching, but it may pose a challenge when it comes to keeping it clean. However, it would have been even more special if TVS had provided these 200 bikes with a special numbered plaque, emphasizing their uniqueness and exclusivity.

In terms of features, this bike's biggest drawback lies in its absence. Despite its higher price tag, the RP misses out on certain features found in the 160 4V, such as Bluetooth connectivity, riding modes, a gear position indicator, and glide-through technology. 

Another reminder of its racing heritage is the lack of a side-stand engine cut-off or even an indicator. On the positive side, it does come equipped with a fully digital instrument cluster, adjustable levers, a slipper clutch, and an excellent LED headlight.

TVS Apache RP165: Engine

SpecificationsTVS Apache RP165
Engine164.9cc single-cylinder, air-/oil-cooled, 4-valve
Maximum Power19.2PS at 10000rpm
Maximum Torque14.2Nm at 8750rpm
Transmission5-speed with slip-and-assist clutch

It seems like the engineers from TVS Racing have taken charge of the RTR 160 4V's engine. Unlike the other RTR models that have engines optimized for street-friendly torque, the RP takes a different approach and focuses on high-performance. To achieve this, they made modifications to the RTR 160 4V's engine. 

Although the performance gains on paper are only 1.65PS, the actual improvement in performance on the road is impressive. The RP is a whole 2 seconds quicker than the RTR 160 4V in the 0-100kmph sprint. This engine is finely tuned for track performance, as it becomes extremely energetic after reaching 6000rpm, accelerating strongly all the way up to the 11,000rpm rev limiter.

TVS Apache RP165: Suspension, Tyres & Brakes

SpecificationsTVS Apache RP165
Front suspensionTelescopic fork
Rear suspensionMonoshock
Front tyre90/90-17
Rear tyre130/70-R17
Front brake270mm disc
Rear brake130mm drum/ 200mm disc

It seems that TVS Racing's engineers focused primarily on fine-tuning and maximizing the performance within the limits set by racing regulations. However, they didn't pay equal attention to the suspension and tires, which are essential for supporting the highly capable split synchro stiff chassis.

The limitations of the suspension become noticeable when you start pushing the bike hard. The softness of the suspension takes away some of the front end feel and introduces a slight instability. A slightly firmer suspension setup would have greatly contributed to boosting confidence, especially when quickly maneuvering the bike from one direction to another.

TVS Apache RP165: Dimensions

DimensionsTVS Apache RP165
Ground clearance180mm
Kerb weight148kg
Fuel tank capacity12-litres
Seat height800mm

The Apache RP165 hasn’t really changed in terms of dimensions and it continues to be compact, which makes commuting a delightful experience. It feels nimble and full of energy. We’re happy to report that despite the mechanical changes, its weight hasn’t gone up and it still feels as light as it always has. 

TVS Apache RP165: Price

PriceTVS Apache RP165
Ex-showroom DelhiRs 1.45 lakh

TVS has priced the Apache RP165 at a massive Rs 1.45 lakh, ex-showroom Delhi. 


The buyers of the RP165 might face some teasing because the bike's asking price is Rs 1.45 lakh (ex-showroom), which is Rs 4,000 more than the larger and more capable RTR 200 4V, which also has more features. With the engine updates, we can be confident that TVS will continue to dominate the national championship using the RP165 as its base. 

However, winning a championship requires a bike that is not only fast in a straight line but also agile in corners. In that aspect, the RP needs some adjustments. While the homologation special is unique, it doesn't make you feel exceptionally special. Hopefully, the next bike carrying the 'RP' designation will be more deserving of the title and more focused in that aspect