TVS iQube Maintenance And Repair Costs Detailed

TVS iQube Maintenance And Repair Costs Detailed

Reviews by Team Drivio | 29 Sep 2023

The TVS iQube is quite a family-oriented and easy-going electric scooter

  • With its 100km real-world range, the iQube has a very practical and useful range
  • In fact, it’s a fair bit more than the likes of the Ather electric scooters
  • Most of that is because of the iQube focus on usability rather than outright performance

In recent years, electric scooters have gained tremendous popularity in India. They've become a hot commodity, with people increasingly choosing them for their daily commutes. Ather, a key player in the electric scooter industry, has caught our attention with its high-performance and reliable yet sporty e-scooters.

If you own or plan to buy a TVS iQube, it's essential to consider the maintenance and repair costs associated with this electric scooter. As an e-scooter owner, you'll want to know the financial aspects of your investment. So, here's a concise overview of the expected expenses you might encounter.

Quite A Decent Range

Specifications  TVS iQube S
Motor4.4kW Hub Motor
Top Speed82kmph
Battery3.04kWh Li-ion Battery Pack

The new iQube S comes with a larger 3.04kWh lithium-ion battery pack, boasting a claimed range of 100km. Interestingly, our tests revealed an even more impressive result. We managed to travel a remarkable 114.76km on a single charge, exceeding the advertised range by about 15km.

The standout feature contributing to this extended range is the aggressive regenerative braking system. Once you release the throttle, you can unmistakably sense and observe the regen system in action. It's important to note that this scooter doesn't free-roll like a traditional one, so it might take some time to get used to. However, once you've mastered this technique, you'll find yourself rarely needing to use your brakes while navigating the city.

What this really does is help the scooter have a higher range. Because there’s a lot less braking and hard acceleration, it makes the scooter a lot smoother to use and because there are fewer inputs, the motor can smoothly achieve a higher range. 

Amazing Savings In Fuel Expenses

The iQube would mostly be bought by people living in tier 1 and 2 cities. So we can safely assume a daily commute of around 30km. And over a period of 50,000km, which is around how much an average scooter is at least used, here’s how much saving that’d ensure: 

DistanceTVS iQube S (Rs 18.75 per charge) Petrol Scooter (Rs 100 per litre)Savings
30km/ day * 50,000km Rs 6,466Rs 1,00,000Rs 93,534 

Savings of nearly Rs 1 lakh over a period of 50,000km is a lot! In fact, most scooters actually cost that much. So you basically end up saving the money worth an entirely new scooter over a period of around 5 years. That’s amazing savings and great value for money for the iQube. 


Compared to the top-tier Bajaj Chetak and the latest Ather 450X, the TVS iQube comes in at a more budget-friendly price point. In essence, it's a straightforward, stylish electric scooter designed for city commuting, and it offers a respectable range.

The main trade-offs you'll need to accept for its affordability are the limited underseat storage space, its more conventional appearance, and a relatively modest set of features. However, if you're looking for an excellent electric scooter that suits family needs, the TVS iQube certainly fits the bill.

A noteworthy quality concern with the TVS iQube is related to the Q-Park button. After riding in wet conditions, this button has a tendency to become stuck. Even after attempting a reboot, it's impossible to switch back to Eco or Power riding modes once the button is engaged. This leaves you with the only option of either tapping the button firmly or carefully using the key to extract it. That said, this isn’t bothersome enough to affect your buying decision. 

And yes, while its console might not boast of a lot of features, it does have the Q-Park feature, various riding modes, a day and night display, and regenerative braking, all of which enhance the scooter's functionality. You can access previous ride metrics, monitor over speeding and receive emergency alarms, check the battery charge status, review your last parking location, and even receive navigation assistance and notifications for incoming calls and SMS through smartphone connectivity.

For the ST model, additional features include voice recognition for hands-free control and a spacious 32-litre under-seat storage compartment, which is ideal for carrying your belongings during your rides. That said, we’re not very sure as to when that scooter is coming. TVS did open up bookings for it but our sources have told us that the iQube ST project might be cancelled as well, so don’t hold your hopes high for the same. If you are looking for a sportier alternative to the iQube, have a look at something like the Ather 450X or the River Indie. 

And if you want something even sportier from TVS only, do consider having a look at the TVS X. It might be quite expensive but it packs a punch!