TVS iQube S Review: A Watch-out Signal For Ola S1 Pro!

TVS iQube S Review: A Watch-out Signal For Ola S1 Pro!

Reviews by Team Drivio | 21 Apr 2023

The TVS iQube looks simple and has been targeted towards a mature audience. Let’s see if it floats the boat for today’s youngsters. 

  • TVS iQube’s 4.4kW electric motor propels it to a top speed of 82kmph. 
  • The scooter’s suspended on a telescopic fork and twin preload-adjustable shocks at the rear. 
  • You get a disc at the front but have to make do with a drum one at the rear. 

The TVS iQube Electric received plaudits for being a practical and user-friendly electric scooter that the entire family could enjoy. The Hosur-based bikemaker redesigned the EV this year with two new variants: S and ST. While the latter has yet to reach dealerships, the mid 'S' variant has joined our fleet, and we have thoroughly examined it to determine if this is all the electric scooter you need, or if the ST is better. 

TVS iQube S: Design & Features

The TVS iQube Electric scooter has many amenities, including a five-inch full-colour digital display on the base model, and a seven-inch full-colour display with joystick control on the S model. The ST model gets a seven-inch full-colour touchscreen display. Smartphone connectivity, LED lights, an illuminated logo near the drivetrain, an underseat light, and a USB charging socket are all included. 

Q-park help, riding modes, day and night display, and regenerative braking are also important features. You may review previous ride metrics, over speeding and emergency alarms, battery charge status, last park position, as well as obtain navigation assistance and incoming call/SMS notifications, thanks to smartphone connectivity. The ST model also includes voice recognition and a 32-litre under seat storage compartment.

TVS iQube S: Motor Specs

Specifications TVS iQube S
Motor4.4kW Hub Motor
Top Speed82kmph
Battery3.04kWh Li-ion Battery Pack

The larger 3.04kWh lithium-ion battery pack, with a claimed range of 100km, is the feature of the new iQube S. However, we were able to prove TVS wrong in a positive way. We travelled 114.76km on a single charge, which was about 15km further than the advertised distance. 

The aggressive regenerative braking system has the greatest impact on range. As soon as you let go of the throttle, you can feel (and see) the regen system at action. Yes, it will take some getting used to because the iQube does not free-roll like a traditional scooter. However, after you've mastered the method, you'll rarely need to use your brakes in the city. 

While we enjoy the regen technology and the fact that it covers more distance than an average commute, we would have preferred a replaceable battery. Given that TVS lacks its own charging network, the ability to take the battery home and charge it would have made the process more comfortable. 

TVS iQube S: Chassis

SpecificationsTVS iQube S
Front SuspensionTelescopic Fork
Rear SuspensionPreload-adjustable Shock Absorbers
Front Tyre90/90-12
Rear Tyre90/90-12
Front brake220mm Disc Brake
Rear brake130mm Drum Brake

In terms of hardware, nothing has changed since the previous iQube. The same supple suspension and dependable brakes can be found here. The twin shocks can handle almost everything you throw at them. It feels a little bouncy over larger bumps, but nothing major enough to give you any discomfort. 

The majority of this could be attributed to the huge unsprung mass at the rear of the hub motor. You can feel the heaviness of the rear end because of this motor, especially while going through curves. 

The stopping performance is good, and the input at the levers is also nice. Would ABS have been beneficial? Yes, the rear tends to lock up with strong braking, but considering the price, CBS appears to be enough. 

TVS iQube S: Dimensions

DimensionsTVS iQube S
Seat height770mm
Ground clearance157mm
Kerb weight117.2kg

The TVS iQube is a substantial electric scooter, weighing in at more than 119kg. This weight is noticeable when manoeuvring the scooter around parking lots. Thankfully, TVS has included Q-Park assist (reverse mode) on the e-scooter, which should assist you in manoeuvring the scooter in tight parking spaces. 

However, we've had some quality concerns here. The main issue is that the Q-Park button becomes stuck after riding in the rain. Even after rebooting, you cannot return to Eco or Power riding modes once engaged. So your only alternative is to whack the button or delicately extract it with the key. 

TVS iQube S: Price

ModelPrice (On-road Delhi) 
TVS iQube SRs 1,04,123

The TVS iQube Electric S costs Rs 1.04 lakh on the road in Delhi, including FAME-II and state subsidies. However, with some governments discontinuing subsidies, the scooter may be slightly more expensive in your city.


The TVS iQube S improves on an already appealing machine by providing a more complete product with more variety and remarkable capabilities. What about the ST, though? Is it truly worth your time to wait for it? Yes, if you require the large 32-litre under seat storage, increased range, and a touchscreen console. But keep in mind that this variant will cost you a penny premium.