Yamaha Ray ZR 125 vs TVS Ntorq 125 vs Hero Xoom 125: Exciting 125cc scooters compared

Yamaha Ray ZR 125 vs TVS Ntorq 125 vs Hero Xoom 125: Exciting 125cc scooters compared

Reviews by Team Drivio | 25 Apr 2024

In terms of design, the Hero Xoom 125 probably looks the absolute best

  • The Yamaha Ray ZR 125’s hybrid system gives it an edge in terms of mileage
  • The TVS NTorq 125, on the other hand, is arguably India’s sportiest 125cc scooter
  • As for the Xoom 125, Hero has reached new levels of fit and finish with this scooter

Over recent years, the 125cc scooter segment has witnessed a steady surge in popularity. These scooters boast commendable fuel efficiency, delivering impressive mileage figures, while also offering sufficient performance to add a dash of excitement to urban commuting. Among the array of options available, three models particularly shine: the Yamaha Ray ZR 125, TVS NTorq 125, and Hero Xoom 125. So, which one deserves your money? Let's delve into that right away.

Yamaha Ray ZR 125 vs TVS Ntorq 125 vs Hero Xoom 125: Designs

In the realm of features, the NTorq 125 reigns supreme as the undisputed champion in this segment, boasting the most comprehensive array of features among petrol-powered scooters in the nation. Its impressive suite of offerings, ranging from Bluetooth connectivity to a fully digital console and even riding modes, firmly places the TVS NTorq 125 in the lead.

In the contemporary landscape of scooters, a rich feature set is paramount. The latest iteration of the NTorq meets this demand, introducing several additional features, such as a full-digital console borrowed directly from the Fascino 125 model. In fact, if you do not mind extending your budget a bit, you can even go for the top-end variant of the NTorq 125, which is among the only petrol powered scooters in India to get a big TFT console that even shows cricket scores and more. 

In the realm of features, the Xoom 125 holds its ground, rivaling some 125cc scooters. It presents a fully digital instrument panel, smartphone connectivity, and call/SMS alerts. Surprisingly, the Xoom 125 even integrates cornering lights, a feature that might seem extravagant for a 125cc scooter. Additionally, it includes an LED light in the underseat storage and a USB charging port in the open glove box on the apron. However, a notable omission is the absence of an external fuel-filler cap.

Yamaha Ray ZR 125 vs TVS Ntorq 125 vs Hero Xoom 125: Engines

SpecificationsTVS NTorq 125Yamaha Ray ZR 125Hero Xoom 125
Engine124.8cc air-cooled single-cylinder125cc air-cooled engine124.79cc engine
Maximum power9.38PS 8.2PS9.4PS 
Maximum Torque10.5Nm10.3Nm10.16Nm

The Xoom 125 scooter exudes liveliness and responsiveness, as expected from a 125cc scooter. Capable of reaching a top speed of 90kmph, it stands impressively among its peers. In terms of performance, the Xoom 125 offers a spirited experience that novice riders will appreciate. It not only outpaces most other 125cc scooters but even rivals some 125cc scooters, as evidenced by our V-box data.

Conversely, the NTorq scooter houses a 124.8cc engine that has undergone significant refinement. With enhanced power and torque compared to its predecessor, the latest NTorq achieves its fastest iteration yet, surpassing the 2020 BS6 model by over a second in the 0-60kmph acceleration test.

The revamped engine of the Ray ZR scooter takes centre stage, particularly with its micro-hybrid technology. This innovative technology enhances both torque and fuel efficiency, utilising a lithium-ion battery situated in the floorboard and leveraging the Smart Motor Generator (SMG) for silent starts and electric motor assistance.

Yamaha Ray ZR 125 vs TVS Ntorq 125 vs Hero Xoom 125: Suspension, Tyres & Brakes

SpecificationsTVS NTorq 125Yamaha Ray ZR 125Hero Xoom 125
Front suspensionTelescopic forkTelescopic ForkTelescopic Fork
Rear suspensionMonoshockMonoshockMonoshock
Front tyre100/80-1290/90-1290/90-12
Rear tyres125/80-12125/90-1090/90-12
Front brake220mm Disc190mm Disc130mm drum/ 190mm disc
Rear brake130mm DrumDrum 130mm drum
ABSNO, but CBS (Combined Braking System) availableNoNo

Equipped with 12-inch alloy wheels, the Xoom scooter features a telescopic front fork and a monoshock at the rear. However, Hero has opted for a firmer suspension setup for the Xoom, contributing to a sporty yet slightly uncomfortable ride. The scooter exhibits bouncing tendencies when traversing speed breakers, rumblers, and uneven road surfaces, with these vibrations and tossing sensations becoming more pronounced at higher speeds.

A commendable aspect of the Fascino scooter is its lightweight construction, tipping the scales at just 99kg (kerb weight). This featherlight quality renders it the lightest scooter in the 125cc segment, resulting in remarkable agility and effortless manoeuvrability. Negotiating traffic and navigating parking lots become effortless endeavours with the Fascino.

Conversely, the NTorq 125 scooter embodies its sporty character even in its suspension setup, which leans slightly toward the firmer side. However, this firmness does not equate to a harsh ride; instead, it strikes a balanced firmness that enhances stability and agility, particularly during cornering manoeuvres. The NTorq delivers an exhilarating experience when darting through corners, courtesy of its solid feel and responsive handling.

Yamaha Ray ZR 125 vs TVS Ntorq 125 vs Hero Xoom 125: Dimensions

DimensionsTVS NTorq 125Yamaha Ray ZR 125Hero Xoom 125
Ground clearance155mm145mm155mm
Kerb weight118kg99kg109kg
Fuel tank capacity5.8-litres5.2-litres5.2-litres
Seat height770mm785mm770mm

Fortunately, the Xoom 125 boasts 12-inch wheels both at the front and rear, facilitating a stable and secure ride. This stability is especially beneficial for novice riders. The MRF rubber used in the scooter ensures reliable traction, offering commendable grip. Despite being marginally heavier compared to other scooters in its class, the Xoom 125 remains remarkably nimble and responsive, providing a delightful riding experience.

Both scooters exude a similar feel and size, characterised by compact dimensions and agile handling, making them well-suited for urban riding. However, the Xoom 125 holds an edge in terms of weight, being noticeably lighter than its TVS counterpart, particularly at lower speeds. This reduced weight enhances the Xoom 125's manoeuvrability and ease of handling.

Yamaha Ray ZR 125 vs TVS Ntorq 125 vs Hero Xoom 125: Price

ScooterPrice (Ex-showroom Delhi)
TVS NTorq 125 Race EditionRs 92,891
Yamaha Ray ZR 125Rs 84,230 onwards 
Hero XoomRs 1 lakh (expected price)

The NTorq 125 boasts six distinct variants, offering a diverse array of choices for consumers. As for Yamaha, it has priced the Ray ZR 125 from Rs 84,230. And that, we think, is quite a competitive price tag. Hero is poised to introduce the Xoom 125R in the first half of 2024, with expectations for its launch around April-May 2024. Priced at approximately Rs 1 lakh ex-showroom, it will compete directly with the TVS NTorq 125 and the Suzuki Access 125.


For the average consumer, the Hero Xoom emerges as a compelling option, fulfilling all scooter requirements while making a bold style statement. Opting for the Xoom translates to substantial upfront savings and potentially superior fuel efficiency due to its smaller engine. These financial benefits accumulate over time, positioning the Xoom as a cost-effective choice without sacrificing performance.


Those seeking a slightly upscale and retro-inspired offering may gravitate toward the Ray ZR 125. While that does feel like a more premium product, especially after spending more for it…it will not be as heavy on your pocket as something like the TVS NTorq 125. This, we’re saying, both in terms of price and fuel efficiency. Given its hybrid system, you can expect a mileage of more than 60kmpl. 

Conversely, the TVS NTorq appeals to individuals with higher budgets, willing to invest in a refined product. Offering a superior riding experience, especially with its various Marvel and Race editions, the NTorq caters to riders who crave excitement and thrill, even in the realm of scooters. It excels in this aspect, albeit at a higher price point.