5 Best Selling Scooters In December 2023

5 Best Selling Scooters In December 2023

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | Jan 18, 2024

As usual, the Honda Activa took the number one spot this month as well

  • In fact, the Activa sold nearly 2.5 times the second scooter on the list
  • Second on the list was the very likeable TVS Jupiter
  • Last on the list was the sporty Honda Dio

Scooters hold a special place in the hearts of Indian consumers, and there's no denying the widespread preference for these two-wheeled wonders. The rationale behind this affection is well-founded – scooters epitomize practicality, offer ample space, and deliver a straightforward ownership experience that not all motorcycles can guarantee. 

Whether you're contemplating a scooter purchase for your child, spouse, or parents, it's crucial to stay informed about the market trends. To assist you in this quest, here's a curated list of the top five best-selling scooters in India as of December 2023. This compilation aims to unveil the current favorites among Indian scooter enthusiasts, guiding you towards the most sought-after options in the market.

Honda Activa 6G - 96,451 units

 The Honda Activa will always be very special for us Indian customers. Now in its sixth generation, the scooter literally stood for proper bulletproof Japanese reliability, something that could take pretty much anything and everything in its stride. But what the Activa had impressed us the most with when it came out was its sheer smoothness. It was typical Japanese in that and the way it was built: sturdy and felt like pretty much nothing could break it. 

Now yes, even in today’s modern day and age, the Activa 6G misses out on some of the quite basic features and doesn’t even have a digital instrument console, leave alone the chances of a colour TFT screen. That said, the Activa 6G still stands for what it first did: a no-nonsense scooter ownership experience backed by some solid reliability. Even today, there are many Activas out on the road and they all seem properly reliable. 

TVS Jupiter - 39,849 units

What impressed us about the TVS Jupiter was something similar like the Activa. It being such an easy to ride, likeable, smooth and comfortable scooter meant anyone and everyone in the entire family could swing a leg over it and give it a ride. What gives it a slight edge over the Activa (in our opinion), is its more contemporary design. It not only looks elegant but decently elegant too, something that feels very much in place in today’s day and age. 

Where the TVS Jupiter takes a bigger edge when compared to the Activa 6G is in terms of features. The Jupiter, in typical TVS fashion, has Bluetooth connectivity and quite a lot of features. For a scooter that otherwise looks elegant and a bit old-school, it definitely has a fair amount of features. 

Suzuki Access 125 - 30,228 units

Now this is one scooter us enthusiasts love! The Suzuki Access 125 has long been one of our favorite 125cc scooters and it’s for obvious reasons. Firstly, the scooter boasts quite some features, and a lot of them are very usable in daily life too. That said, what makes us absolutely adore the Access 125 is its peppy engine. The 125cc engine has a lot of bottom-end grunt which means puttering around in the city is a lot of fun on this entry-level scooter.

And what compliments that very peppy engine is the Access 125’s wonderful chassis. It’s stiff and provides a lot of confidence while leaning over. But most importantly, it’s very communicative, meaning riders know exactly how much to push and when to stop if riding hard. So if you like riding your scooters in an enthusiastic manner, the Suzuki Access 125 is still our choice to pick among the current crop of 125cc scooters. 

Hero Pleasure - 23,814 units 

The Hero Pleasure was the one that made scooters accessible for almost all kinds of riders. Its very approachable size meant that women and overall smaller-built people could hop onto a scooter too, and actually have a lot of fun on them. It’s another scooter that’ll always be remembered. 

Honda Dio - 16,191 units

The Honda Dio has always been a likeable scooter among enthusiasts and it all began when it was launched more than a decade ago. It looked sportier and better than all scooters out there and not only that, it handled just as well too. The chassis was brilliant and the scooter was actually a lot of fun to ride through the narrow streets of our cities, something that is found very commonly. 

But again, that was a decade ago. Now, while the Dio looks as good as ever, the original silhouette is no longer there. And what’s even worse is that Honda has really detuned its engine, meaning it no longer feels the peppy puppy it was earlier. We wished Honda had kept it a bit more enthusiast-friendly. That said, it’s still a good-looking commuter and if that’s all that you’re looking for, the Honda Dio is a good option.