5 reasons why the Ather 450S is the best-selling Ather scooter in India

5 reasons why the Ather 450S is the best-selling Ather scooter in India

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 29 Mar 2024

At Rs 1.10 lakh, the Ather 450S is very nicely priced, especially for an Ather scooter 

  • In terms of underpinnings, the Ather 450S is the same as the 450X
  • Even in terms of design, it looks nice and premium, exactly like the 450X
  • So if you were a fan of the Ather 450X’s handling, the 450S will not disappoint you either

Ather Energy has gradually garnered popularity among Indian buyers over the past few years, and there are several reasons for this. Even today, Ather's most budget-friendly scooter, the 450S, which was recently introduced, remains the top-selling scooter. Why, you might wonder? Here are five reasons why the Ather 450S is currently the best-selling Ather scooter in India:

1) Design & Build Quality

The Ather 450S closely mirrors the 450X, with the only noticeable difference being the black plastic component around the headlight, now aligned with the scooter's colour. Despite the more budget-conscious approach, Ather maintains robust construction quality. The "450S" emblem is subtle, emphasizing design continuity with the 450X, as both share significant traits beneath the surface.

Another standout feature of the 450S is its updated, new LCD console. Unlike some other manufacturers' attempts, this one doesn’t feel cheap at all and exudes a premium feel despite being cost-effective. Moreover, its readability is impressive. Even in early morning, overhead sunshine, the console remains perfectly legible, with no issues reading even finer print located on the top of the console.

And in terms of build quality, the 450S is just as top notch as we have come to expect from the 450X. The panels feel strong and nothing feels cheap or flimsy. The sheer tactility on offer, especially from the new switchgear is quite pleasing and you will enjoy clicking all the buttons, for they have a nice feel to them. So if build quality is a dealbreaker for you, we have some good news! 

2) Motor

Specifications  Ather 450S
Motor3kW (peak)
Top Speed90kmph

Another thing that makes the 450S so likeable is its 3kW motor that ensures a 90kmph top speed. The key to the 450S' affordability lies in its smaller 2.9kWh battery pack compared to the 450X's 3.7kWh pack. Ather claims an Initial Distance Coverage (IDC) range of 115km, with real-world estimates of 90km in SmartEco mode and 70km in Sport mode. While testing is pending, 

Ather's track record suggests accurate range estimations. During preliminary testing, the scooter covered approximately 75km on a full charge, primarily in Sport and Ride modes. The interface is intuitive as well, with toggling around the menu through the console feeling seamless. Users will quickly become familiar with the controls, aided by the tactile feedback of the toggle switch cube.

We are thankful to report that despite the smaller motor, the 450S’ performance is still very very engaging. Sure, out on the highway it will feel slower than the 450X, but in the city the difference is not really noticeable. So if you liked the performance on offer on the 450X, you will definitely love the 450S’ performance as well. As for the less range, 90km is good enough for most Indian commuters. So if your commute is less than about 30km, the scooter will still serve you for 3 odd days before you need to plug it back. 

3) Features

Another significant change (which has contributed to cost reduction) is the introduction of the new 7-inch LCD dash, replacing the TFT unit on the X model. This updated LCD unit incorporates all the Bluetooth connectivity and eSIM features found on the 450X (thanks to the optional Pro pack), but lacks touch controls and document storage. To compensate for this, the switchgear has undergone significant redesign, featuring a five-way joystick on the left to control all dash functions, and a convenient one-touch button on the right for the reverse 'Park Assist' feature. 

On the dash, speed is displayed in the centre with the range figure just below it. The left side of the dash is dedicated to functions such as music, calls, and ride data, while turn-by-turn navigation alerts are shown on the right. The screen also boasts what Ather claims is a segment-first 'Auto Brightness' feature, although during testing on a mostly cloudy day in Bengaluru, there were instances where sunlight reflection made it difficult to discern some of the smaller details. Final judgment on the dash's legibility will be reserved until comprehensive testing can be conducted.

4) Handling

SpecificationsAther 450S
Front SuspensionTelescopic fork
Rear SuspensionMonoshock
Front Tyre90/90-12
Rear Tyre100/80-12
Front brakeDisc brake
Rear brakeDisc brake

The motor of the 450S delivers the same peak output figures as the former 450 Plus. Similar to the 450X, the entire chassis and nearly all cycle parts remain unchanged (akin to the 450 Plus). Consequently, the 450S maintains its confident and agile handling characteristics, despite the slightly slimmer MRF Nylogrip Zapper rubber.

Although not as potent as the 450X, the 450S remains agile in its quickest Sport mode, and with a top speed of 90kph matching that of the X, it can handle short highway journeys with reasonable comfort. Ather has also adjusted the throttle map in Eco and Ride modes to provide a smoother and more gradual response, aiding new EV riders in acclimating to the power delivery.

It's worth noting that, like the 450X, taller riders may still feel somewhat cramped, particularly during U-turns, and the ride quality retains a firmness underneath.

5) Price

ModelAther 450S
Price (Ex-showroom)Rs 1,09,999

Ather has priced the 450S at a mouth-watering Rs 1.10 lakh, ex-showroom. In sum, its benefits combined with this price tag means we can easily recommend the 450S to many users.