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7 Tips That Will Help You Get More Comfortable On A Sportbike

7 Tips That Will Help You Get More Comfortable On A Sportbike

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | Jun 19, 2023

Fitness is at the forefront of getting comfortable with sportbikes. 

  • Learning how to grip the bike is something riding schools will teach you. 
  • One very important thing is the placement of your feet
  • Flexing your elbows the right way goes a long way in keeping your posture. 

Riding a sportbike, especially the ones with a forward-leaning riding position, can be challenging. It requires skill, maturity, and understanding of the correct riding posture. The way you sit on a sportbike can make a big difference in how much you enjoy the ride.

Many people find sportbikes uncomfortable, which makes them less practical for everyday riding. However, with a few tips, you can learn to get more comfortable on a sportbike. Comfort is subjective, and you won't feel completely relaxed on a sportbike in the traditional sense. But by following some basic advice, you can adapt to it better:

  1.Get Nice And Comfortable On Your Bike’s Seat

Before setting off on your motorcycle, it's essential to take the time to get comfortable in the seat. Don't rush into riding immediately. Instead, grab the handlebars for support and adjust yourself on the seat until you find the most comfortable position.

If you have access to a center stand or paddock stand, it can be helpful to use it. Sit on the saddle while the motorcycle is stationary and take some time to familiarize yourself with the riding stance. Place your hands on the handlebars and position your feet on the foot-pegs to get a sense of the riding position.

  2.Locking Your Elbows Is Useless

When riding a motorcycle, it's important to avoid keeping your arms completely straight or locking your elbows. Instead, maintain a slight bend in your arms. This is because your arms serve as natural shock absorbers for your upper body.

Locking your elbows can make your arms more prone to injury because they won't have any flexibility to absorb shocks from the road surface. Relying solely on the motorcycle's shock absorbers is not recommended, as your arms play a crucial role in absorbing some of the impact.

  3.Ensure that your back is straight

Based on personal experience, the key to minimizing discomfort when riding a dedicated sportbike lies in how the rider positions their back. It's important to keep the back straight (not to be confused with sitting upright) in order to enjoy the ride. Additionally, maintaining slightly bent arms and a straight back is crucial.

  4.The balls of your feet should rest on the footpegs

Riding a sportbike is an exhilarating experience, particularly on a race track. As you navigate through each corner, your body undergoes constant shifts from one side to the other. Simultaneously, you extend your knee out in coordination with the leaning movement while resting your feet on the foot-pegs. Placing the front part of your foot (near the toes) on the foot-pegs helps you stay in sync with the overall movement of your body.

The dynamic nature of riding a sportbike involves actively engaging your body and maintaining a fluid connection with the bike. By adjusting your body position and extending your knee out, you enhance control and manoeuvrability while enjoying the thrill of the ride. 

  5.Learn to grab the bike, especially the fuel tank

A common issue among riders is wrist pain, which is understandable given the forward-leaning position on a sportbike that puts weight on the arms and wrists.

A helpful technique to alleviate this discomfort is to grip the fuel tank firmly with your thighs. By doing so, you can shift some of the weight off your arms, providing relief to your wrists. Give it a try, as it can be quite effective in reducing wrist strain. Additionally, gripping the fuel tank with your thighs during braking assists in maintaining the motorcycle's stability.

  6.Don’t hold the handlebar too tightly 

Before attempting to "soften your grip" on a sportbike, it is important to address other aspects of your riding position. By following the recommendations on this list, you can achieve a position where you are able to float above the handlebars if necessary.

The advice to "soften your grip" is often one of the first tips riders hear when it comes to motorcycle riding position. While it sounds like a good idea, it becomes impossible to implement when you are resting your weight on your wrists.

  7.Wear Proper Riding Gear

Aside from riding posture, there is another often overlooked factor that greatly affects comfort on a motorcycle: wearing suitable clothing. It is crucial to avoid loose clothing as it leaves the rider vulnerable to wind buffeting. Opting for well-fitted riding gear or clothes is essential, as they help the rider maintain stability, particularly at higher speeds. This stability, in turn, contributes to keeping the motorcycle steady.

Give these tips a try. It may only take a few rides to get accustomed to them, but we assure you that you will discover a new found joy in riding a proper sportbike. By wearing appropriate clothing and experiencing the enhanced stability and comfort it provides, you can truly appreciate the exhilaration of riding a sportbike to its fullest extent.