Ather Rizta Family Scooter: Important Things To Keep In Mind

Ather Rizta Family Scooter: Important Things To Keep In Mind

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 29 Feb 2024

The Ather Rizta will be the brand’s first-ever family electric scooter after its line of sporty ones

  • We think the Rizta could get a real-world range of around the 100km mark 
  • In terms of design, it will be large and spacious in order to be super practical
  • Once here, it will rival the likes of the Honda Activa 6G and the TVS Jupiter

Ather has long been renowned for its sporty electric scooters. Whether it's the 450, the 450X, the 450S, or the latest flagship scooter, the 450 Apex, they all embody speed and sportiness. Thus, when the brand announced its entry into the family scooter segment, it piqued considerable interest among enthusiasts. Witnessing how a brand integrates its sporty heritage into a family scooter is indeed intriguing. Ahead of its arrival, here are some crucial details you should be aware of.

After its launch, the Ather Rizta will rival the likes of TVS iQube, Bajaj Chetak, Ola S1 Pro, upcoming Activa Electric and others.

Ather Rizta Design 

The Rizta was spotted undergoing testing, indicating a departure from the brand's typical sporty ethos towards a more family-oriented direction. The forthcoming electric scooter showcases a boxy aesthetic akin to the TVS iQube, featuring angular panels. Notable observations from spy shots include wheel designs reminiscent of the Ather 450S/450X, an apron-mounted headlight, foldable pillion footrests, and a petal disc brake upfront. Noteworthy is the inclusion of foldable pillion footrests from the outset, a feature introduced post-launch for the 450 range. 


Additionally, the upcoming scooter boasts a larger, flat floorboard and a seemingly more spacious seat compared to the 450X and 450S models. The rearview mirror, resembling that of the 450X, is mounted on simpler stalks. The side panel and seat design appear to draw inspiration from maxi scooters, consistent with earlier patent disclosures. Notably, the camouflage pattern incorporates a cartoon depiction of a family, underscoring the scooter's familial focus—a characteristic attention to detail indicative of Ather's design philosophy.

Ather Rizta Powertrain 

Specifications  Ather Rizta
Motor3kW (peak)
Top Speed90kmph

The anticipated family scooter from Ather is poised to feature the familiar 2.9kWh capacity battery pack, 5.4kW peak power output motor, and LCD instrument console inherited from the 450S model. A strategic rollout plan may involve the introduction of an LR (Low Range) variant followed by an HR (High Range) variant, mirroring the approach taken with other models in the EV manufacturer's portfolio.

Ather Rizta Launch Date

A recent Instagram announcement from Ather revealed the upcoming Ather Community Day slated for April 6, coinciding with the launch of the Ather Rizta. The Ather Rizta, teased on multiple occasions, boasts intriguing hardware offerings. A closer glimpse was provided in a recent post shared by comedian Anubhav Bassi on his Instagram page, showcasing the e-scooter's appearance. In contrast to the sporty aesthetics of the Ather 450X, the Rizta adopts a more family-oriented design approach, characterized by its boxy design language.

Ather Rizta Price (Expected)

ModelPrice (Estimated)
Ather RiztaRs 1.3 lakh

The upcoming Ather family scooter is expected to carry a price tag of approximately Rs 1.3 lakh (ex-showroom, inclusive of FAME 2 subsidy). By comparison, the Ather 450S is currently priced at Rs 1,29,999 (ex-showroom Bengaluru, including FAME 2 subsidy). This conjecture suggests a strategic move by Ather to offer two distinct scooters targeting different demographics within the same price bracket, thereby expanding its market reach.

Once launched, its primary rivals include the likes of the Honda Activa 6G and the TVS Jupiter. 

Should you consider it?

What we have absolutely loved about Ather scooters over the years is just how reliable they are. Unlike scooters like the Ola S1 Pro, Ather scooters show exactly how much range and battery percentage is left and are usually able to deliver exactly that much. While their range figures have never been industry-leading, what has been fantastic and put a lot of owners and even prospective owners at ease is their sheer reliability. In fact, among the likes of the Ola S1 Pro, TVS iQube and the Bajaj Chetak, the Ather 450X is actually the most reliable of the lot. 

And now we think those very qualities will be even more appreciated in a family scooter like the Ather Rizta. So if you are looking for a family-friendly electric scooter with a bit of a fun angle, the Ather Rizta should definitely be at the top of your mind among the ones on sale in India as of today. That alongside the TVS iQube S would be two of India’s best family-friendly electric scooters. Hence, we would suggest you take a test ride of the Rizta once it is launched, and then decide for yourself.