Booked The Triumph Speed 400? You Really Should Read This First

Booked The Triumph Speed 400? You Really Should Read This First

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 18 Oct 2023

What works for the new Speed 400 is its fantastic Rs 2.33 lakh price tag

  • The Speed 400 packs a new 398cc liquid-cooled engine
  • In its current state of tune, the bike makes a solid 40PS and 37.5Nm
  • These things said, it faces stiff competition from the new Harley-Davidson X440

A motorcycle enthusiast recently embarked on a journey to find the perfect ride, starting with a booking for the Triumph Speed 400. However, the story took an intriguing turn as they ventured into the world of Harley-Davidson.

The rider's day began with a visit to the Harley-Davidson dealership, following an extensive test ride on the Speed 400. As they stepped into the dealership, the allure of the test rides drew them in, with a couple of striking burgundy HD X440 motorcycles available for testing. Despite some initial confusion about the booking slot, the dealership staff warmly welcomed them to wait.

After a brief period of anticipation, the rider's chance to experience the HD X440 arrived. Before hitting the road, they were thoroughly briefed on the motorcycle's controls. The test ride left a lasting impression, offering a glimpse of the Classic 350's vibes, which was received with enthusiasm. The HD X440 demonstrated ample power and smooth acceleration during the short 3-4 km ride, ultimately convincing the rider to stick with their decision.

During the visit, the dealership representative emphasized their willingness to provide longer test rides once they receive additional motorcycles. These particular bikes were on loan from Harley-Davidson and not from the dealership itself. It's worth noting that they were conducting approximately 80 test rides per day using these bikes, with deliveries scheduled to commence on the 2nd of October.

The actual motorcycles surpassed the display model inside the showroom, boasting impressive build quality. Notably, the production version expertly concealed the cables that were more prominent on the display bike. The new vehicle scent further enhanced the overall experience.

The rider was captivated by the striking Burgundy color, although it was regrettable that this option was not available for the top-end model. This left them contemplating the possibility of selecting the middle variant. Overall, their experience was exceptionally positive, leading to the surprising decision to cancel their Triumph booking. In their eyes, the Harley-Davidson dealership offered an experience that surpassed what they had encountered at the Triumph dealership.

The decision to take one or two more extended test rides on the HD X440 is on the horizon, and even a passenger's perspective was considered. The rider's wife, who rode pillion on this particular visit, found the HD X440 to be significantly more comfortable compared to the Speed 400.

In conclusion, this rider's journey in the world of motorcycles took an unexpected turn as they found themselves captivated by the Harley-Davidson X440, ultimately leading them to change their course in pursuit of the perfect ride.